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The Pueblo of Acoma is known as the Aa'ku in the Western KEresan language and as Hakukya in the Zuni language. The various names of the tribe are enough proof of it being in between the Arizonan and the New Mexican tribes. The Acoma Pueblo is also known as Haak'ooh in the Navajo. The Pueblo is also known by its label as the "Sky City". The Pueblo of Acoma is a Native American pueblo which was created on the top of a 367-foot sand stone mesa located in the United States State of New Mexico. The Pueblo is said to have been believed to have existed as early as the twelfth century. Other artifacts reveal that it has been around in earlier times. The location of the Pueblo is ideal for it is a defensive position against the raiders and intruders who wanted tribal lands. The Pueblo of Acoma is regarded to be one of the oldest and continuously inhabited communities in the whole of United States. The Pueblo is quite difficult to access due to its location. The faces of the mesa are sheer of which only a topographic map will be the best identifier and only a hand-cut staircase of sandstone was the only means of reaching the Pueblo in the earlier times.
The name Acoma has gained several well kwown interpretations from many famous interpreters. Some of the historians believe hat term Acoma is based on the Keresan words which mean "People of the White Rock". The "aa'ku" was their term for white rock while the "me" was their term for people thus; White Rock People. There are others, however, who argue that the aa'ku is from the longer term haaku which means to prepare. The term is said to have suited the characteristics of the Pueblo of Acoma being known as people who wanted to prepare for the defense against the other mesa inhabitants. 
The Acoma Pueblo also encompasses the villages like the Acomita, the McCarty's and the Anzac as well as the newly built community of the Sky Line. The Pueblo of Acoma are also known for their dry-farming in the valley below the Aa'ku.
The Acoma people like to keep their traditions alive by handing down their culture to the next generation. There are still traditional alliances which are still alive between the Pueblo people. Many Pueblo people have different native tongues yet most of them share the same traditions. Most of the lands surrounding the Pueblo of Acoma are considered to be of federal trust lands which are governed by the federal government in replacement of the pueblo. The Acoma Pueblo has been named as a National Trust Historic Site in the year 2006 because of the plethora of historic landmarks found scattered over the Pueblo.
Nowadays, the tribe is thriving on tourism, and more and more tourists become enticed by the beauty of the site. Video tapes however, are not allowed. There are also many well known to have come from the Pueblo. Some of the well known personalities are Lucy Lewis, Rose Chino Garcia, artists and Conroy Chino who was a former newscaster and politician.

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