How to Play Let It Ride

Let It Ride Poker is one of the many variations of the traditional poker game. This variation is actually a version of five card stud poker, a non-communal poker game. The player gets to play only against the dealer and not with any other casino players. Let It Ride has been around for a decade or so and has generated a lot of excitement that it has become one of the most popular poker variations.

Let It Ride Objective

In order to win the game, you need to get a hand consisting of pairs of 10s, three cards faced up and two unrevealed cards. A Straight Flush and a Royal Flush can also win you the game. Basically, you need to create a hand using the three cards dealt to you and the two cards dealt to the dealer faced down in order to form a winning hand. In order to win the game, you need to get a minimum hand of a pair of 10s.

Playing the Game

The game uses a single deck of 52 cards and there are actually three kinds of betting rounds. The player would first have to place three bets of equal amounts. The dealer would then give him three cards that are placed on the table. Subsequently, two cards will again be distributed. These cards will be dealt face down. It is at this point of the game where the dealer will then retrieve the first common card and the player would have to decide whether to withdraw from the game or continue with it based on the strength of the cards revealed to him. If he decides to continue, he basically let it ride; thus, the name of the game. Ideally, if the player has a pair of tens or three cards, he must let it ride.

If the player decides to let the game ride, the dealer will again give him another card and the player has to create a hand or a sequence from these cards. The player has the option to change his card and he'd receive the second common card from the dealer. Again, the player has the choice to let it ride or not. If he has a pair of tens or four cards or something that would allow him to create a Straight Flush or Royal Flush, he should definitely let the game ride. If the player decides to let it ride, the cards will be then compared. The cards will be then revealed. If the player holds a good hand like a pair of tens or something better, he wins the game. His payouts would be in accordance to the casino's payout schedule.

Let It Ride Bets

You might have noticed that there are actually two betting phases on the game. It is noteworthy to point out that these bets are not related. Some casinos also offer additional prizes for a side bet of, usually, $1.00. You get to win additional prizes if your first three cards dealt to you by the dealer can form a winning combination. Few people make this bet though because the chances of winning this bet are pretty slim.

Playing with a Strategy

Like most poker games, you need to have a strategy when playing Let It Ride. When playing this game, you should definitely know when to withdraw from the game and when to let it ride. Do not be tempted to continue when you are holding weak cards. Continue with the game if you are at least holding a pair of tens or better, three card straight flush and three card royal flush. If you have any of these hands, you definitely have a shot at winning the game.