Playing the Spanish Blackjack

Got bored with your Blackjack? Then try Spanish 21 for a change and see for yourself the excitement you can have with different bonuses, prizes and rules all without the fuss of learning another card game.

Game Overview

The game is similar to the regular Blackjack game except that it uses Spanish Deck, which is essentially the standard deck of cards minus the 10's and the joker. To reduce the obvious gains in terms of house advantage, the game is played with a little twist when it comes to prizes bonuses and some parts of the rules. Regardless of these, the player's primary objective is to still have a hand that is the closest to 21 busting, or going over the lucky number.

The Gameplay

Six to eight Spanish Decks are used to play Spanish 21, which turns the odds to the casinos favor. To attract players even with that obvious house advantage, some rules from the classic Blackjack were modified. Player's 21 always win and the Blackjack the player has wins over the dealer's. The players can also double regardless of the number of cards and surrender after making one. There are also variable rules when it comes to soft 17, the number of decks used and the number of redoubling allowed, and some provisions on late surrender.

The Bonuses

What makes Spanish 21 different from good old Blackjack are the bonuses. Have a hand that sums up to 21 and you just might be eligible to receive a Bonus 21. Bonus 21 is type of bonus where you receive anything from 3:2 up to 3:1 depending on the cards you're holding.

A player holding a suited 7's may qualify for Super Bonus 21 if the dealer draws a 7 in any suit. Do so and you stand to win a thousand dollars if you bet $5 to $24 and $5000 for $25 bets or more. If you're aiming for Super Bonus, be sure to check the rules of the casino you're playing in, especially in splitting and doubling.

Where to Play

The game is relatively easy to understand and play that even those players who have never touched the Blackjack table can learn to play it with ease. Of course, in time, you will need to learn the more intricate strategies of this game to maximize your winnings. Most of the Spanish 21 games are played online, but because of its rising popularity in casino goers expect Spanish 21 to hit land based casinos near you soon.