How to Play Casino War

Casino War is one of the simplest and most straightforward casino card games. If you know how to play the traditional poker game and if you know how cards are ranked and valued, then you are all set to play Casino War Poker.

Playing Casino War Poker

If you have ever played the game "War" in your childhood, then Casino War is definitely a reminiscent of that childhood game. This is the "War" game of casinos. The game is quite simple so as long as you can do simple arithmetic, you can very well play the game.

Casino War uses six decks of cards which are ranked according to traditional poker game. So cards are ranked from highest to lowest in this manner: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Aces are always high. The Queen of Spades, however, is equal in value to the Queen of Hearts.

Before the game starts, the players must make an ante bet. Ante Bet is the initial or primary bet. This is typically a required bet in order for a game to start. You can make an ante bet by selecting your coin size and clicking on the appropriate buttons on the machine.

Once all players have placed their wagers, the players and the dealer will then get one card. These cards will be then compared. The person holding the highest card wins the game. If a player's card is higher than the dealer's, he will get more money. However, players holding cards that are lower than the dealer's card loses.

If there is a tie, the player shall either choose to surrender and lose half of his bet or he could choose to go to war. When the player chooses the latter option, he is required to put up an additional wager which is equal to the amount of his initial or ante bet. Once the player raises his bet, three cards will be given and subsequently both the player and the dealer will receive one card each. If the player's second card is equal to or higher than the dealer's, he will win money on his raised bet but his ante bet will push. Conversely, if the player's hand is lower than the dealer's hand, the player then loses his raise and ante bet.

The Bonus Game

Some casinos offer a bonus game in the event that the game results to a tie after a tie. In the event of this happening, the player may win on both his original or ante wager and his raised wager. He can win a 2:1 payout for his initial wager and his raise wager will be pushed.