How to Play Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games. This is especially true if you have always loved playing craps in the first place. When you play craps in a casino, you should expect a fun and fast paced exciting game. You may be surprised to know that craps offer better odds than most casino games. The house edge on craps is lesser than other games.

Learning the Game Basics

Many people are put off playing this game because the game seemingly appears to be quite complicated. The truth, however, is that craps is fairly easy. You just have to understand the basics.

First of all, when you play craps, you basically play a dice game. The game uses two dices. Therefore, rolling these two dices will always give you the total result between 2 and 12. Now, this is fairly easy. What may be confusing to people is the craps table which actually displays all the likely bets that you can placed before the dices starts to roll. It might help you to understand the game by reducing it to this thought the game's objective is to get a roll result which is the number that is required in order for you to win the game.

Learning the Craps Rules and Gameplay

There are several rules that you have to remember when you playing craps. You have to understand the terminologies used in this game. If you are rolling the dice, you are referred to as the Shooter. The first time that you toss the time is regarded as your Come Out Roll.

You basically win the game if you get a total of 7 or 11 when you roll the dice. The minute any of these numbers turn up, you automatically win the game and the round is over. On the other hand, you lose the game if you get a total of 2, 3 and 12. These results are regarded as craps and you automatically lose the game.

If you get the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, you get the Point. The objective of the Come Out Roll is basically to get you the Point and once you get the Point, the dealer would then mark the number on the Craps table.

At this juncture, the player would once again toss the dice. He should get the Point before he gets a 7. This 7 is referred to as the Out 7 to distinguish it from the Come Out Roll 7. If the player gets a point, he wins the game and this ends the round. If he tosses an Out 7, he loses the game. If he gets neither the Point nor the Out 7, he will continue to toss the dice until he gets either of these two.

Betting on Craps

There are a lot of bets in craps. One craps bet is the pass bet which is the simplest craps bet you can make. This is actually a bet on the pass line; thus, the name. You basically make a pass bet before the Come Out Roll. If the game continues beyond the Come Out Roll, the pass bet becomes a bet on the Point. The odds of winning pass bets are 1 to 1.

Another kind of Craps bet is the Don't Pass Bet which is a wager placed on the crap's table Don't Pass Line. This is, obviously, the opposite of the Pass Bet where the player actually places his bet on the Out 7 if the game continues beyond the Come Out Roll.

There are a lot of other Craps bets. All of these bets make the game even more exciting and rewarding.