Playing Roulette like a Pro

Roulette is a name of a casino table game. Roulette is a French word that literally means "small wheel". This game is played with a small wheel, a ball and a betting table where players place their bets. The aim of the game is for the players to correctly guess on which numbered slots the ball will eventually stop.

Things Your Should Know

The croupier or the dealer is the main arbiter on the table. He is the man in charge with paying winning bets and takes losing bets, call for and stops the betting process, spins the wheel and declare the winning number. It would be particularly helpful to keep an eye and an ear to him.

The Roulette wheel is number from 0 to 36 and with additional 00 if you're playing American roulette. The numbers do not follow a numerical order but the numbers are placed with colors on the wheels follow an alternating pattern.

The betting table originated from France and the pattern hasn't changed much since 1842. There are two main regions on the roulette table: the inside betting are and the outside betting area. Placing chips on this region allows players to place bets.

The chips used in roulette differ from the generic chips you use in other games such as poker. Each player receives a different set of colored chips sop as not to confuse on bet from another. To get some roulette chips, you could go to the cashier to buy or swap your casino chips or cash with roulette chips or vice-versa.

How To Bet

This is the basic thing you should know about the game. Everything else is much simpler to understand. In a game of roulette, there are two ways of betting: the inside bets and the outside bets. The amount you win is defined by the bets you've made. The bets you make are determined by the way you place your bets on the roulette table. Inside bets includes, a straight, a split, a street, a corner and a six-line bet. The outside bets incude even-money, group and column bets.

Straight bets are bets made on a particular number and it pays 35 to 1. To do a straight bet you place the desired number of chips completely inside the grid. Split bets are made on two neighboring numbers with the payout of 17 to 1. You can make a split bet by placing your bets on the line between your desired numbers. Street bet is a wager on three numbers falling on a horizontal line on the roulette table. It pays 11 to 1 and is made by placing your chips on the line that separates the inside betting area from the outside betting area. A Corner bet is a bet on four adjoining numbers. Quad Bets pays 8 to 1 and could be made by placing your bets on the common corner of the four grids. Lastly, Six-Line or Double Streets are made by placing your chips just like what you do with the street bets except that it should straddle the top and the bottom rows. It pays 5 to 1.

Outside bets like Even Money bets are made on specific regions outside the grids. Even Money Bets are made by placing your chips on a specific betting region, be it Black/Red, Even/Odd, or High/Low. Groups Bets are done just the same: on first dozen, the second dozen or the third dozen. Column bets, on the other hand, is made by placing bets under the last number in the column. All outside bets pays 2 to 1.

Where to Play

Learn to play roulette by playing it hands-on and in minutes you can play Roulette just like pro. Playing roulette is never an issue; any casino would never be complete without the game. You could play roulette on high-end Las Vegas casino, your local casino or even in your home with friends.