How to Play Keno

Keno is a fairly easy game. If you have played Lotto or the lottery before in your life, you would then have a pretty good idea on how Keno is being played. Keno is a common game with simple rules, but it is also one of the most exciting casino games. You can win huge jackpots and prizes by winning Keno and you need not actually place huge wagers. You can win thousands of dollars for a dollar bet.

Nowadays, you would find video versions of this game in casino slot machines. These machines have basically the same rules and principles as the regular Keno game. So, what are these rules? How do you play Keno?

Playing the Game of Keno

The rules of Keno are quite simple. In order to play the game, you would have to choose at least one but not more than 15 digits between the numbers 1 to 80. The digits you select are called your Keno Spot. So, if you choose four numbers, you have 4 Keno Spot; and if you choose 8 numbers, you have 8 Keno Spot. When choosing your blocks or spots, you would just have to mark the block corresponding to the number you chose as a spot. Once you've finished choosing your numbers, the game will then randomly draw 20 numbers and you win based on how many of your numbers come up.

Most casinos would require that you place first your wager or your bet before you can start playing. In fact, the betting options of the game may not be activated before you place your wager.

There are casinos that would allow you to first choose your spots before you place your bet. So, once you've chosen your spots, you can then turn on the betting board so that you would be able to start the game.

Do You Need Strategies When Playing?

Keno is extremely attractive because the game is quick. The rules are fairly easy. In fact, there are only a handful of the rules. The payout is also huge if you're lucky. So, do you need strategies when playing? You do not need to apply any strategy. In fact, you do not have to have any skill at all! This is one of the few casino games where the result of the game is completely dependent on luck. It can be your first time to ever come near any casino, let alone play, but you can still definitely win.