New Mexico Indian Tribes Directory

  • Jicarilla Apache Nation
    The Jicarilla Apache Nation is said to have been part of another larger group of the Athapaskan speaking lineage.
  • Mescalero Apache Tribe
    The Mescalero Apache Tribe Reservation was originally created on the 27th of Mya, in 1873.
  • Pueblo of Acoma
    The Pueblo of Acoma is known as the Aa'ku in the Western KEresan language and as Hakukya in the Zuni language.
  • Pueblo of Isleta
    The principal source of income of the tribe is agriculture.
  • Pueblo of Laguna
    The Laguna Pueblo is also known as the Pueblo of Laguna.
  • Pueblo of Pojoaque
    The tribe is settled in the rural, high desert area which is approximately twelve miles on the northern portion of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Pueblo of San Felipe
    The San Felipe Pueblo is also known as Katstya in the Eastern Keres.
  • Pueblo of San Juan
    The Pueblo of San Juan is a tribe of the New Mexico.
  • Pueblo of Sandia
    The Pueblo of Sandia is one of the federally recognized tribes who are settled in the Central New Mexico.
  • Pueblo of Santa Ana
    The Pueblo of Santa Ana have been the occupants of the current site located in the New Mexico since the fifteenth century.
  • Pueblo of Tesuque
    The Puebelo Tesuque is also known as the tetsuge.
  • Santa Clara Pueblo
    Established in 1550, the Santa Clara Pueblo is a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos whose people are mainly from the Tewa ethnic group.
  • Taos Pueblo
    The Taos Pueblo is a very old pueblo who came from the Pueblo people.

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