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Cultural History

The Pueblo of Santa Ana have been the occupants of the current site located in the New Mexico since the fifteenth century. However, the remaining members of the Pueblo are actually the descendants of those who came from the subterranean world as well as the north.
The tribe was brave enough to make a journey to the so-called four worlds namely the white, red, blue and the yellow. These were the four worlds of which they emerged before finally landing to the Siapapu which is known as the fifth world. These Pueblo people are also known as the Keresans who moved south to a place which is called the White House. It is said that in the White House, they loved together with the god who were the ones who taught them everything they needed to learn for survival. The Pueblo people, however, became quarrelsome and often argued with the kachinas. The mother of the tribe, Iyatiko, became so angry that she altered the Keresan language so that each faction will speak a separate language. 
The original pueblo was located almost 5,400 feet above the sea level. The land area was against the mesa wall located on the north bank of the Jemez River. The location was ideal in the sense that it provided them shelter, resources as well as seclusion. The pueblo, because of their seclusion, was therefore one of the least visited pueblos. 
It was only during the time of the Spanish explorations that the pueblo became one of the centers of attention. The Santa Ana pueblo was first called Tamaya. The pueblo was submitted to the Spanish rule in the year 1598 and it was then they were assigned their patron saint thus their present name. The relationship between the Pueblo people and the Spaniards were fine except when the Pueblo people decided to launch a revolution against the Spaniards. It was in the year 1680 when they decided to launch their revolt because of the feeling of being oppressed in their lands by the strangers. The Spaniards won, and they were keen on keeping the pueblos as part of their territories. The Santa Anans were forced to flee from their villages and settle in the nearby Black Mesa and Jemez Mountains. It was in the year 1693 when the Santa Ana people returned to their original settlement. The land was almost 27 miles on the north of Albuquerque. It was also where the people started acquiring more land for agricultural purposes. The pueblo people were known hunters and gatherers of berries. Today, the tribe is known for their tribal enterprises which include resorts, restaurants, casino, golf course, food, and even clothing apparel. The tribe has definitely gone a long way from their early history to becoming who they currently are today.

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