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The San Felipe Pueblo is also known as Katstya in the Eastern Keres. The Keres is actually a group of dialects spoken by different tribes or pueblos. The San Felipe Pueblo is actually a census-designated place or CDP located in the Sandoval County in New Mexico, United States. As a census-designated place, the San Felipe Pueblo is identified by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes. A place like the San Felipe Pueblo is delineated for each decennial census as the statistical counterparts of the other incorporated purposes like cities, towns and even villages. A place like the San Felipe Pueblo has a distinct and separate form of government, different in the sense that it has its own leader and constitution.
The Pueblo is situated 10 miles or sixteen kilometers on the northern part of Bernalillo. The San Felipe Pueblo encompasses 12.2 square miles. Put of this seemingly large land area, 11.9 square miles is comprised of land while the remaining 0.3 square miles is made up of water.
In the year 2000, the census data revealed that the said census designated place has a population of not less than 2,080. The Pueblo is also a part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The San Felipe Pueblo was established in the year 1706. It is composed of Native Americans who are able to speak and eastern dialect known as the Keresan Languages or Keres. The Pueblo has their festivities. Some of the well known festivities celebrated by the Pueblo are the Feast of St. Philip which is celebrated on the 1st of May. This is one of the much anticipated celebrations which happen once a year. Every year, hundreds of Pueblo people participate in the celebration by dancing the traditional corn dances. 
The year 2000 census date revealed the population of the pueblo. There were said to be 2,080 members of the Pueblo, there were also 368 households as well as 341 families who are currently residing in the area. The population density during the same year was 174.6 people per square mile. There were also said to be 405 housing units of which has an average density of 34.0 per square mile. The area's racial makeup is 0.10% White, 99.18% Native American while there are also 0.29% coming from other races as well as 0.43% from two or more races. Of the 368 households, 45.1% of the said number has children under the age of 18 who are living with the parents. 34.8% of the total number of households was made up by married couples who are living together under one roof while 7.1% were non-families.
The San Felipe Pueblo today owns the Casino Hollywood which is the fruits of their hard work. The Casino Hollywood continues to bring them revenues every year. It was in the year 1995 when the San Felipe Pueblo decided to build the casino, and since then, more and more clients have come back for more superb service and gaming activities.

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