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Cultural History

The Pueblo of San Juan is a tribe of the New Mexico. The tribe had their first contact with the Europeans on the year 1541. It was during the expedition of Coronado when the tribe was first discovered by the outsiders. The expedition was up to the southwest and had the intention of traveling to the southwest. It was then in the year 1598 when the other Spanish expedition reached the tribal lands. Juan de OƱate was a Spanish colonizer who took the lands of the tribes in New Mexico. He then established his headquarters in San Juan in the lands of the tribal people.

The San Juan Tribe participated in the Great San Juan Revolt which took place in the year 1860. The purpose of the revolt was to drive away the tribal intruders who wanted to take the tribal lands away from the original owners. It was not to be allowed by the tribal people because they have been in the area for such a long time only to give it up to the tribal intruders. The Pueblo of San Juan people fought hard to retain their tribal lands with them and not to let these intruders govern the land that has been part of their historical data and tradition. The Pueblo of San Juan people then did their best to push away the Spaniards by using their hunting skills and their fighting abilities. It was not east for them because in the first place, they were not fighting people. The tribe was peace-loving and did not want tribe involved with any tribal animosities except when their rights are violated. The tribe showed their strength in fights and was together with the other New Mexico pueblos. Their group was led by the great Pope, who was a San Juan Pueblo exiled Indian. The tribe fought over the oppressive policies set by the Spaniards. The tribes were firm believers that they were not being recognized by the Spaniards as the owners of the tribal land and instead, were just an accessory to the territory. They did not let this be so the tribes revolted against these oppressors.

The Spaniards re-colonized the areas of New Mexico in the year 1692. It was the time when the Spaniards launched a mission complex on the Pueblo. The San Juan Pueblo of today is currently composed of the parallel blocks of one and two storey adobe houses, which were the influence of the Spaniards. The homes are also rectangular in shape and have ceremonial kivas of which they do their ceremonies as taught by the Spaniards as well. The tribal community also has a stone church made of Gothic Revival elements. The tribal enterprises include artifacts and basketry.

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