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Cultural History

The Pueblo of Isleta is said to have had a "troubled" history. It was when the Peublo Revolt began when many of the members of the Pueblo of Isleta decided to flee from their area and settle in Hopi settlements located in the State of Arizona. Still, many other tribal members joined the Spaniards in their retreat towards the El Paso Del Norte.
When finally the revolt was under control, the remaining Isleta people soon returned to their homelands. Those who fled to the Hopi settlements brought along with them some new found friends who were Hopi. Soon enough, there were some members of the Laguna Pueblo and the Acoma Pueblo who joined the Isleta Community. More than eighteen hundreds joined the new Isleta community bringing together disputes and conflicts. There was a friction in the society which soon led to the internal disagreements over some issues, mostly religious and ritual. The animosity among the new found neighbors was resolved upon the establishment of the satellite settlement of the Oraibi.
The Pueblo today is the result of the establishment of the other settlement, Praibi as well as the communities of the Chicale. However, the main pueblo is still the Isleta. The language spoken throughout the community is generally Tiwa but because of the growing number of educated tribal members, many of the Pueblo people are now good English speakers. 
The principal source of income of the tribe is agriculture. Their techniques were learned from the ancestors and have been handed down from generation to generation. There are also lands being leased to the local business establishments and some to the United States Government. Most of the population works outside their settlement but still, some others thrive in pottery and jewelry making. Many artists have lived in the area and are still into the traditional pottery and basketry. The Pueblo of Isleta is also well known for their mouth-watering bread.
The Isleta Pueblo is situated in the Rio Grande Valley, which is thirteen miles on the southern portion of Albuquerque. It was originally created as a settlement in the thirteenth century. Isleta is of Spanish decent which literally means "Little Island". The tribe is keen on the preservation of their traditions. In fact, traditional dances are handed down from generation to generation. The tribe also has their historic landmarks such as the St. Augustine Church which was built in the year 1612. The church is situated on the main plaza and has a good representation of the tribe's history and culture.
The Pueblo of Isleta is currently engaged in several business enterprises. Some of the most loved enterprises owned and operated by the tribe are the Isleta Casino & Resrot, the Isleta Lakes Recreational Complex and the Fun Connection. These sites boast of top class facilities and superb service from the staff.

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