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The Mescalero Apache Tribe is one of the federally recognized tribes of the United States. The tribe is a Native American tribe originating from the southern areas of New Mexico, Western Texas and that of the northern-central Mexico. The tribe hails from the lineage of the Southern Athabaskan heritage. The Athabaskan is a language system originating from the southern portions of the United States. The tribe is currently thriving in the area of the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation located in the south central portion of New Mexico. The Mescaleros have recently opened their door to the other Apache Bands, those from the Chiricahua who were prisoners at the Fort Sill in Oklahoma as well as that of the other Lipan Apaches.
The tribal reservation area was created under the provisions of the Executive Order signed by President Ulysses S. Grant. It was created on the 27th of May in the year 1873. The tribal reservations' original location was the area which was then near the Fort Stanton. Today's reservation was created in the year 1883. The total land area that the reservation encompasses is at 1,862,463 kilometers squared or 7149.101 square miles. The reservation area covers almost all of the Otero County. Despite its wide range of territory, there is still a portion of the reservation area that remains reserved and unpopulated. The said unpopulated section extends up to that of the Lincoln County and is just a bit southwest of the neighboring city of Ruidoso. The population of the reservation area is only up to 3,156 in the year 2002 Census data.
The major industries in the tribal reservation are the tourism and that of ranching. The U.S Route 70 is a major highway which runs through the reservation. The said highway likewise lies on the eastern border of the Sacramento Mountains as well as that of the edge of the Lincoln National Forest. The reservation area is blessed with forests, pines, and some other trees. Commercial development is restricted in the area. The Sierra Blanca is an important area in the Mescalero tribe. It is a sacred place which serves as the center for the tribe's spiritual beliefs. It is also near the tribal headquarters located on the U.S Route 70. The tribal organization is governed by this man named Wendell Chino, who has long sat on the governing seat of the Mescalero Tribe for not less than forty years now. He is the President of the Mescalero Apache people. Today's president is his son named Mark Chino. The tribe holds its tribal elections every two years. The tribe is known to be good hunters, as well as that of traders. The tribe now operates the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino which brings about revenues every year.

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