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The Puebelo Tesuque is also known as the tetsuge. The pueblo is a census-designated place which is located in the Santa Fe County in New Mexico, United States of America. The area is a part of the Santa Fe, New Mexico, Metropolitan Statistical Area. In the year 2000, the Census data revealed a population of 909. There are also 455 households and 249 families who are residing in the area. The density during that year was 130.6 people per square mile. There were also 541 recorded housing units at an average of 77.7 per square mile.
The Tesuque pueblo is actually one of the Eight Northern Pueblos. The pueblo people are known to have come from the Tewa ethnic group. The Tewa ethnic group is known to be a linguistic group belonging to the Pueblo of American Indians who can speak the Tewa Language and share the same Pueblo culture. The Tewa language is actually a Kiowa-Tanoan language. The homelands of the pueblos belonging to the Tewa are near the banks of the Rio Grande located in New Mexico, north of Santa Fe. Aside from the Tesuque Pueblo, the other pueblos are the Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, Ohkay Owingeh and the Santa Clara. The Tesuque land has a total are of 7.0 square miles which is all composed of land. 
The Tesuque, being one of the traditional pueblos, was also involved in the Pueblo revolt of the year 1860. Every year, the tribal offices close on the 10th of August in remembrance of their participation in the revolution. The Tesuque literally means ‘cottonwood tree plaza". There are evidences that the banks of the Tesuque River has been inhabited in as early as 1200 AD. One of the highlights of their community is the historic row houses located on the village plaza. Their artists also make one of the finest arts the world has ever seen. The pueblo people are experts in clay pottery, sculptures and paintings. The Pueblo also has a feast on the 12th of November in remembrance of San Diego. The Pueblo is also the primary owner and operator of the Camel Rock Casino. 
The Camel Rock Casino is named after the entrance to the pueblo which is located on the south of Camel Rock. The location is fascinating with the natural sandstone formations. The celebrations that the Pueblo recognizes are the Christmas, Three Kings and Corn Dance which is celebrated on the first weekend of June. The celebrations are open to the public, but photographs are not allowed. 
The Camel Rock Casino is one of the finest business enterprises which bring revenues to the Pueblo. It boasts of top class gaming venue, with the best tables and games. The casino is also open to those who want to sign up for the club who are given special treatments and privileges.

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