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The Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin is said to have a unique history. The uniqueness of their history is caused by the creation of their tribe which is located on the opening of the Menominee River which is almost sixty miles on the east of their current reservation, the Menominee Indian Reservation. Wisconsin recently celebrated the one hundred fifty fifth anniversary of the tribe which is also known as the Sesquice centennial. However, having wanted the original creation of the tribe, the tribe recalls its history which rooted from the Menominee River.
It is in the Menominee River where the first five clans of the tribe first evolved. The five clans are the ancestral Bear, the Eagle, the Wolf, the Moose and the Crane. These three clans were believed to have been created in the area. There is not quite a number of tribes who can attest to the fact that their creation place is near or stands close to their present reservation. The history of the Menominee Tribe thus begins with this.
The Menominee Tribe has since then occupied a vast territory, encompassing over ten million acres of land. The lands that they used to occupy are now known as the Wisconsin and the other, the Upper Michigan. Some of the Menominee Dreamers were able to foresee the coming of the Whites, or in their term, the light skinned people who were aboard large boats. These White people are said to be coming into the Green Bay and would be the ones to trigger the change in the lives of the Menominee people.
In the year 1634, the dreaded prophecy came to reality. It was the year when the French explorer named jean Nicolet first arrived at the Green Bay also known as the La Baye. The said explorer, Nicolet, was in search for a new route that would lead him to the East. Soon after the voyager's arrival, the Menominee Tribe became involved in the fur trade. They then became dependent on the trade goods. The tribe also started to adopt a new lifestyle and let go of their old independent lifestyle.
The Menominee Tribe has survived for no less than ten thousand years of existence in their territory. The tribe is then considered as an indigenous tribe in the State of Wisconsin. The tribe, despite the invasion, has managed to keep a small part of their original territory for the sake of settlement. The land is now their current reservation area. The tribe has also kept the strong leadership. The strong leadership qualities that they have possessed from the past have led them to the adversities that they are into these days. The Menominee Tribe was also able to keep their culture and traditions with them. Then tribe, up to these days, has managed to keep their traditional language. Many of the members of the tribe still speak the language. The tribal members are also keen in keeping their traditions alive. The Menominee Tribe has kept their spiritual lives active by practicing the teachings of their ancestral religion. The tribal leaders make sure that the tribal members are still aware of the provisions and the practices regarding their religion. Today, they are into business ventures which includes business enterprises that deal with entertainment and those of livestock and fishing industries.

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