Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians

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Cultural History

The Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians is currently in settlement in a reservation area in the southern shore of the Lake Superior. Their current habitat has a total land area of 497.477 kilometers squared or 192.077 square miles. It situated in North Wisconsin, almost in between the Ashland and Iron counties. Ninety percent of the reservation area is wilderness. The estimated number of members of the tribe is art 6,000 of which, according to the 2000 census data, 1,411 lives on the reservation. The rest of the remaining members live either in Odanah, Diaperville also known as the Old Odanah, Birch Hill or in Frank’s Field. 

An Ancient Ojibwe prophecy states that once, the Great Spirit known as Gichi Manidoo was the one who told the Anishinaabew people to relocate to the west. These people originally came from the Atlantic Coast. They were in search of a place where food grows on water. Fortunately, after several stopovers and some disasters, one of their branchesm the Lake Superior Chippewa, finally found the place where food grows on water. They found a place where not only does food grow in water but wild rice as well. The place was near the Chequamegon Bay located on the south shore of the Lake Superior. This is the present site of the reservation. Their final settlement, however, is in the nearby Madeline Island.

The La Pointe Island, the ones who survived the dispute between the Sioux and the Meswaki, then engaged in fur trade in the seventeenth century. Aside from trading, they also engaged in farming, fishing and even hunting. After the Sandy Lake Tragedy, the United States Government agreed to give away permanent land reservations in Wisconsin.  During this time, the Roman Catholic Church decided to separate from them and decided to instead stay on the reservation in Red Cliff while those who maintained their Midewiwin beliefs settled in the Bad River.

The reservation was formally acknowledged the reservation by the Treaty of Land Pointe which was signed in the Madeline Island on the 30th of September, 1854. It included a land area stretching up to 200 acres and today, the band is one of the six in Wisconsin who are federally acknowledged.

At these present times, the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians is the main operators of the Bad River Lodge and Casino. The place has several rooms for players, slot machines, poker rooms and rooms for those who plan to stay overnight. It always has its events happening and there is no room for boredom. The Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians assures that enjoyment is something that their clients will have. This is something that the Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians is busy nowadays. It is what keeps them occupied. After all, managing a business is never an easy job.

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