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Cultural History

The Snoqualmie Tribe is a tribe who has found their habitat in the Snoqualmie Valley in the East King and along the Snohomish Counties in the Washington state. They have regained full recognition from the government as a tribe in October of the year 1999 after losing it in 1953. 

They like to call themselves “The People of the Moon”. In 1916, Arthur C. Ballard, a world renowned anthropologist translated the epic of the tribe thereby tracing their roots. The origin of the tribe is regarded to the legend of the Moon and the Transformer who created the Snoqualmine Falls and transformed the Dog Salmon. In the legend, the main character, Suwa’blko and his wife, Tupa’ltxw had two daughters who were named Tukwiye’ and Ya’slibc. One night, Ya’slibc wished that the brightest star be her husband and that the bright red star be the husband of her sister. When they woke up the next day, they realized that the wish had come true. The elder sister soon bore a baby boy of which the Dog Salmon stole. After years of being separated, the little boy named Moon was found and soon, when he learned the truth about his real identity, he returned to his mother’s homeland. It was said in the legend that Moon traveled upon the river and that he transformed the sandpapers into clams. He then reached the Snoqualmine falls and began chanting. After his chanting, several new people were created and couples bore children. This legend is now regarded as the main reason why the Indians multiplied and it was all because of Moon. The Indians believe that their birthplace is the Snoqualmine Falls all because of its legendary history. Today, it is still regarded as a sacred site for one who is seeking spiritual power.

The Tribe is composed of the group of Coast Salish Native Americans. They have settled in the Tulalip Reservarton prior to the Point Elliot Treaty with Washington in the year 1855. The Point Elliot Treaty of 1855 is an arrangement between the government and the tribes of the Native American race. These Native Americans were the ones of the grater Puget Sound region in the Washington Territory. This treaty was duly accomplished and signed on January 22, 1855 at Point Elliot now known as Mukilteo, Washington. It was then ratified on the 8th of April, 1859. The signatories in this treaty include representatives from the Native American tribes like the Duwamish, Snoqualmie, Lumi, Skagit and many others. 

Today, the tribe currently has 650 members. They are currently venturing into a casino business, known as the Casino Snoqualmie. The casino boasts of a Las Vegas style entertainment and lifestyle. They have 1,650 slot machines, 52 game tables, and 17 poker tables. Aside from the casino itself, they also incorporated a cabaret lounge and event center for boxing, gaming events and even cater to private events.

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