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Cultural History

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe is composed of the descendants of the Coast Salish people who were the original inhabitants of the Puget Sound. The tribe has been residing in the area for more than a thousand years now, and most historians agree that the tribe has been in the area since the last glaciers receded. The ancestral homeland of the tribe is the Muckleshhot Usual & Accustomed Area which is composed of an area that stretches along the eastern and the southern reaches of the Puget Sound up to the western slope of the Cascade Range.

The Puget Sound is situated between two great mountain ranges known as the Olympics and the Cascades. The Pacific Ocean is one of the sources of water in the land. The winding shoreline of the place is more miles than the whole of the Pacific Coast from Baja, California up to the Canadian border. The area in which the tribe lives is also surrounded by forests and has a gentle climate. It is then said to be one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth because of the diversity of resources found in the area. The natural resources in the area make it so ideal for an indigenous tribe to live in. Salmon is one of its major resources. Because of the abundance of Salmon in their area, the tribe celebrates a Salmon Ceremony which is held every year in the place where Salmon was first discovered to be bountiful that is a Spring Chinook. Because of the tranquility of the place, the tribe has maintained its native life throughout the years.

Meanwhile, the eastern shores of the Puget Sound as well as the rivers and the streams of the Cascade Range are the primary bodies of water that flow around the area of the federally acknowledged Muckleshoot Indian tribe. The reservation of the tribe is situated in the south and in the eastern portion of the City of Seattle up on a rising plateau which is between the White and the Green Rivers. 

The invaders soon took over the area in the 1790’s. The trade between the intruders and the White settlers flourished up to the middle of the eighteenth century. During the 1850’s, the unfair trading system brought the lives of the natives into tragedy. The tribes soon found themselves losing precious land and being resettled in the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation. 
The Muckleshoot tribe soon also found themselves on the brink of success when the Indian Reorganization Act allowed the tribe to adopt its own constitution in the year 1936. The tribe is currently one of the largest Washington Tribes with a population of not less than 3,300. The establishment of a bingo and a casino has caused the tribe to gain success in the business world.

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