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Cultural History

The Quinault Indian Nation is a tribe who is one of the few Americans who can walk the same beeches, paddle the same waters and even hunt in their ancestral hunting areas like their ancestors. The tribe is composed of the descendants of the five other tribes namely the Quileute, Hoh, Chehalis, Chinook and the Cowlitz. The ancestors of the tribe used to live on a major cultural dividing line where the beaches are abound. The beaches in their southern area were wide and sandy, while those located on their north were rugged and cliff-lined. The culture of the tribe is quite the same as that of the other tribes in the northern and southern area. The tribe earned their living through the land resources, trading and other forms of hunting. They were expert salmon hunters, and they thrived on abundant sea mammals as well as wildlife and forests which provided them the crucial materials that they needed in order to survive. They were, in some way, also spiritual as through the teachings of their forefathers.
Their wide knowledge in gardening and the tending of plants made their lives easier. The plants helped in providing not only food, but clothing as well. The most important plant for them is the western red cedar which they call the "tree of life". The Western Red cedar provided them logs used for canoe making, its bark was used for their clothing and the split boards were used for houses. The tribe then, calls themselves as the Canoe People, also known as the People of the Cedar Tree.
The Quinault Indian Nation is one of the sovereign Indian nations of the United States. They are given the right to govern itself. The self governance policy which they were granted is also like the self governance of the other Indian tribes. Their by-laws were established in the year 1922 as well as their constitution which was approved in the year 1975. Together, their by-laws and constitution help provide them with all the necessary requirements in governing their own nation. The tribe has a general council which meets on a regular basis so as to discuss the policies and the tribal issues. The tribe also has the Quinault Business Committee which is composed of four executive officers and seven councilmen. These people are the ones who are fully in charge of the business and the legislative affairs of the whole tribe. The tribe has several tribal operations. The most common of the tribal operations are the administration, natural resources, community services as well as the health and social services.
The tribe is currently engaged in several business enterprises namely the Quinault Pride Seafood, the Land and Timber, the Quinault Beach Resort, the Maritime Resort and the Mercantile. All of these enterprises contribute to the economical development of the nation. Their reservation is located on the corner of the Olympic Peninsula.

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