Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

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The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation is a tribe made up of Native American people who were from the western portion of the Washington state in the United States of America. They are different from the other Chehalis people who are living along the Fraser Valley area of the British Columbia. These two groups do not have direct relationship with each other, but some of the historians argue over the relationship between these two tribes. The tribe has a rich and colorful history, tradition and culture.
The Chehalis tribe, from the State of Washington is composed of two other distinct sub tribes namely the Upper Chehalis and the Lower Chehalis. There are also other sub groups within these two subtypes. The other sub groups are the Copalis, Wynoochee and the Humptulips who are part of the Upper Chehalis sub tribe while the Satsop people are part of the other Lower Chehalis sub tribe. The Humptulips people which is part of the Chehalis, is actually a census-designated place located in the Grays Harbour County, Washington, United States. It has a population of 216 in the year 2000 census. The Chehalis has a special language which comes from the Coast of the Salishan family of languages. The language is one of the languages of the other Northwest Coast Indigenous people. The language is actually very interesting in the sense that is has characteristics that are in linguistic form defaults to feminine; their word for "woman" may include everyone as the word "man" is in English.
The Chehalis tribe is also like some other Northwest Coast Native people. The tribe has relied on their fishing as the primary source of income and resources. From the local rivers for food, they also learned the art of building plank houses or longhouses so as to serve as protection for themselves from the Cascade Mountain's sometimes harsh, wet winters. The Cascade Mountains have served both as a friend and foe for the tribe. The Cascade Mountain served as a friend in the sense that it provided them with resources and foe because of its sometimes cruel season especially during the winter season.
The tribe is currently settled in their land known as the Chehalis Indian Reservation. The reservation was established along the Chehalis River in the year 1860. It has a land area of not less than 18.188 kilometers squared in the southeastern Grays Harbor as well as in the southwestern portion of the Thurston Counties. The year 2000 census date revealed that the area has a population of 691 persons. The Chehalis Village and the City of Oakville are the major communities within the reservation area thus serving as the center for the economic development as well. The tribe is currently engaged in business ventures. They have businesses that include entertainment, education and health services.

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