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Cultural History

The Stillaguamish Tribe's reservation is situated in the northern Snohomish County. It is actually near Arlington, Washington and is in between the Cascade Mountains and the Puget Sound. Its watershed called the Stillaguamish Watershed usually drains 694 square miles of Snohomish and Seattle. The reservation is 76 acres wide including the tribal facilities built in the area.

The tribeís ancestors are the descendants of the Stoluckwamish Reiver Tribe. Stoluckwamish means river people. Their climate is placid so their people only wore clothing during the winter season. The women were more fashionable wearing garments out of the cedar bark. 

For their food, the tribe harvested salmon along with other sea foods, berries, and roots as well as goats found in the Cascade area. After being introduced to potatoes, the tribe began cultivating the ground to grow them. They then started trading with the other neighboring tribes and the Europeans. Later on, they earned employment from the Europeans as farmers and harvesters.

When the white settlers started dominating their area, most specifically the Puget Sound Region, the Stillaguamish tribe along with their comrades eventually abandoned their original habitat. They played a role in the Treaty of Point Elliott in Mukilteo. This treaty was signed on the 22nd of January, 1855 but in the treaty, the tribe was known to be Stoluckwamish. The treaty served as their key to surrender their original land to the U.S government in exchange for a resettlement area and federal assistance. But the tribe encountered a major problem that is the lack of the separate reservation for the Stoluckwamish Indians. Because of this, some of their members decided to move to Tulalip Reservation while the remaining majority stayed in their ancestral habitat. 

Their tribe faced almost extinction which was the aftermath of the lack of organization that led to the dispersal of the tribe members. Later on, during the 1920ís, the remaining members asked for the help of Esther Ross to help them in their predicament. Soon enough, her efforts paid off that from the 29 members, the tribe grew to at least 160 members before she died.  It was also during that period when the Stillaguamish Tribal Council received the approval for the constitution dated January 31, 1950.

After filing a petition to be recognized in 1974, the tribe was fully acknowledged on October 27, 1976. They were also granted the treaty rights as well as the federal services.

They were enlisted in the Federal Register in the year 1979 allowing them to be eligible of the Indian Health Service Care. The tribe became occupied in monitoring the water quality of their area so they established the Stillaguamish Watershed. In the year 2004, the 22,000 square foot Angel of the Winds Casino opened equipped with 425 machine slots and 10 game tables.

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