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Cultural History

Part of the signatories to the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855 was the headmen of the Upper Skagit Tribe. Many villages made up the Upper Skagit tried as their government was saying. They were not just one group of Indian People; they were many. In 1870, there were surveyors from the Northern Pacific Railroad who crossed who crossed Upper Skagit Land. There started the occurrence of the white settlers. The Upper Skagit people got furious with the white settlers for crossing their land because they got lots of diseases that caused death to people. Their contact with white men worsened their situation.

The reservation of the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe includes an 84-acre parcel of land which is located on the east of Sedro Woolley in Skagit County. 15 acres of undeveloped commercial land has been added to their property. It is located along Interstate 5 near the town of Alger. On the one hand, the reservationís place was in the Cascade foothills. The seven members elected as Tribal Council, in accordance with the Tribal constitution and by-laws that are approved by the secretary of the Interior in 1974, govern the Upper Skagit Tribe. The members of the council are entitled to serve the people for three years. 

The tribe is required to operate under bylaws and constitution. These bylaws and constitution were adopted and put into their Tribal Constitution on December 4, 1936. There was a filing of claim made by the tribe in January 1951 regarding the consideration for the lands ceded to the United States. A final judgment wherein they decided to reward the tribe total money of $385,471.42 occurred on September 23, 1968. 

The Upper Skagit Indian Tribe has a clinic that is located today at 2284 Community Plaza in Sedro, Washington. They are providing just limited health services in a 4,500 SF medical clinic. The non-profit organization named NWSUHB that has been established in 1980ís are providing this kind of service to people. They are also operating a Family Services program and they are currently employing a full-time physician assistant, public health nurse who they hire one day per week. Full time CHRs, and a full time alcohol counselor. They need employees who are willing to work with them so that they can provide the needs of the people especially when it comes to their health.

At the Upper Skagit, the sanitarian is providing services one day a week and they fund the one full-time position. The services of the sanitarian covers the supervision of contaminated waste handling, inspection of the health of tribal facilities, permits regarding food handling, proper solid waste disposal as well as vector control. Sewage management and water quality is also included in their service. 
Throughout their history, it was not expected that they will be able to contribute such services to their people in the modern day. But if it will be observed, the community is very much aware with their present issues. Their population today rose to the number of 6,290 people. Many are also working for their tribe.

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