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Cultural History

The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is a Native American tribe located on the southwestern coast of Willapa Bay in Washington. There are currently 237 enrolled members in the tribe. On the other hand, there is an occupant service population of 1,148 people. The reservation area of the current Shoalwater tribe is not its original settlement. The original Shoalwater Reservation encompassed not less than 334.5 acres as established according to the executive order dated 22nd of September, 1866.
The tribe has since then lived in their areas thriving in fishing salmon and other waterfowls, crabbing and oyster growing, selling surplus to canneries and trading with the other neighboring tribes and the non-Indians. The Shoalwater Bay is actually the residing area of the Chinook and the Lower Chehalis people during winter seasons. It was where they stayed in search for refuge away from the cold winter nights. Many members of the tribe, who accepted the eighty acres land allotments, were granted the Quinault treaty rights. They then moved to the Quinault Reservation.
While some of the members chose to stay in their homelands, they then rejected the Indian Reorganization Act in the year 1934. Those who rejected the Act finally gained federal recognition on the 10th of March in the year 1971. After the federal recognition was granted, the tribe soon adopted their constitution and ratified its by-laws. They have also elected their very first Tribal Council who were given the authority over the tribal issues and relationships.
According to the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Administrator named Carol Johnson, the past two years of the tribe was filled with activities. The tribe has started reinforcing its economic growth and in December 2002, an 11,200 square feet gymnasium was completed in the name of the tribe.
Another facility was established in the year 2003. a three thousand, three hundred sqare feet Learning Resources Center was brought to life. The Learning Resources Center included a built in library, an education administrative office, a laboratory fully equipped with ten computers and a function or activity room.
Two years later, another booming infrastructure was built. The structure was the Wellness Center which was in full blast operation in May of the year 2005. The opening ceremony of the Wellness Center was attended by not less than two hundred excited aficionados. The new Wellness Center of the tribe is the new home of the tribal health clinic as well as the programs of the tribal health society. The tribal clinic deals with the tribal health issues including those of alcohol and rehabilitation programs for drug addicts. There are also dental services offered by well known dentists from the tribe. Aside from these, there is also a massage therapy booth and some other health luxuries.

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