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Cultural History

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is a major division of the Teton Sioux. The term Oglala literally means "to scatter one's own". The tribe's history is said to be ambiguous; their modern history is likewise yet, in a sense, it is easier to understand. The modern history states the ceaseless contests that the tribe engaged in together with their neighboring tribes. The history of the Oglala Sioux Tribe is also filled with the depredations that they encountered on the White invaders. It was of Lewis and Clark who were in the records as the first ones to notice the tribe. It is said that the tribe was found in the year 1806. They were said to be settled above the Brule Sioux on Missouri River which was between the Cheyenne and the Bad Rivers. The present day location of this area is the South Dakota. There were a recorded number of only one hundred fifty to two hundred tribal members. By the year1825, the tribe was said to have inhabited both the river banks of the Bad River coming from the Missouri up to the Black Hills. It was also the same year when the tribe developed friendly relationships with the Whites and were in a peace settlement agreement with the neighboring tribe of Cheyenne. However, since then, the enemies of the past were haunting the tribe. The tribe had hostilities with the other tribes who were at an estimate of one thousand five hundred persons. Of this number, three hundred are said to be warriors who were always ready to give up their lives just for the sake of the tribe.
The tribe's common rendezvous was that of the opening of the Bad River. During their time, there was a trading establishment that was intended for the accommodation of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. In the year 1850, the tribe was already roaming around the plains which were between the north and the south forks of the Platte River located in the western portion of the Black Hills. In the year 1862, the tribe has already occupied the county which was extending up to the north east from the Ft Laramie, located at the opening of the Laramie River on the North Platte River.
The Oglala Sioux Tribe was one of the participants who were part of the massacre of Liutenant Grattan and his men at the Ft Laramie in the year 1854. Since then, attacks have been numerous as well as fighting soldiers who were in search for revenge. The Gold Seekers finally conquered the tribal land in the year 1876, after the war. 
It was in the year 1865 when the tribe entered a peace keeping agreement with the United States. However, the real treaty signing happened in the year 1868 when the Oglala Sioux Tribe finally agreed to cease the hostilities and animosity which has since then defined the boundaries of their tribal territories. Today, the tribe owns the Prairie Wind Casino as well as a school and a mall.

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