Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut

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Cultural History

It was a crucial time for the tribe during that of the sixteenth century. The Mohegan Tribe of Indians Connecticut was under the pressure of the Europeans. It was during that time when the European settlements started expanding rapidly thus creating conflicts and competition for land territories. The diseases brought about by these European settlers likewise were killing most of the other tribal members. The tribal members were killed by diseases that were introduced via virus by these Europeans who inhabited the lands of the tribes. The number of the tribal members killed was up to a devastating rate and most of them were left with either parent alive. An animosity soon erupted between the tribe of the Pequot Sachem Sassacus and that of the Uncas. The Uncas called themselves the Mohegan, which literally means "Wolf People". The tribes that emerged soon had different points of view as to how to handle the European conflicts.
The Uncas then became known as the Sachem of the Mohegan Tribe. This tribe favored that of the English men. The Pequots who were under the Sassacus chose then to engage in warfare with the tribe while the other tribes took over different sides. The Uncas had a friendly relationship with the Europeans that they had an easy access as to the whereabouts of the European invaders. The Uncas' decision to be on the side of the European invaders became an issue with the other remaining tribes. The other tribes felt as if the Uncas were selling their Indian nationality to the Europeans by favoring them. The Uncas even helped the Europeans defeat the Pequots.
The Uncas soon settled in a village known as the Shantok. It is in this place that the tribe defended themselves from the Narragansett invasion as started by the Europeans. It was, however, the Unca's alliance with the Europeans that brought them safety during the war that spurred in the years that followed.
The tribe is rich with traditions that spur the excitement in the tribal territory. The culture, symbols and the traditions are what connect the tribe to their history and their ancestors. The oppression of the tribal people caused the loss of the traditions. However, as impossible as it may seem, many tribal members are still striving hard so as to keep the traditions up to the next generation. One of the most sought after tribal festivals is that of the Wigwam, or the Green Corn Festival. It is celebrated by the Mohegans long before the arrival of the European invaders. The annual Wigwam festival is one of the most visited festivals in the history of the tribe. It is the Corn Thanksgiving in which the tribe gives back in gratitude to the blessings that they have received. Their business ventures today are what keep them alive and running.

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