Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon

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Cultural History

The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon is also known as the CTGR. It is composed of twenty seven Native American Tribes who have lengthy historical ties up to the present day Western Oregon. The ties are also between the Western Boundary of the Oregon Coast and the eastern boundary of the Cascade Range as well as the Northern boundary of the Southwestern Portion of Washington and on the southern boundary of Northern California.
Some of its tribe members including the Chasta, also known as the Chasta Costa, the Kalapuya, which is a Native American Ethnic group whose traditional homelands are those of the present-day western Oregon in the United States whose lands are spanning from the peak of the Cascade Mountains up to the eastern portion of the Oregon Coast Range at its west. The  Kalapuya's land also extends from the Columbia River up to the northern portion of the Calapooya Mountains and the Umpqua River at the its south. The other members are the Molalla, which is also known as the Santiam Band and Molala, the Rogue River, the Klickitat, the Chinook, Tillamook and the French-Canadian. 
The Molalla, on the other hand, is a group of people coming from the Plateau culture located within several areas in Oregon, United States. It is in the central area of Oregon and some historians actually believe that they are extinct or near extinction.
The other member, which is the Rogue River, is a Native American group. The group originally roamed around the southern portion of Oregon in the United States. The group, however, was not composed of a single tribe but rather, also an assembly of many other affiliated and related tribal groups. The tribe's estimated population in the year 1850 was 9,500. This number has slowly diminished over the past decade leaving the tribe with only a few thousand members. The tribe was labeled "coquins" by the French Canadian employees. The term literally meant "Rogues" thus their present name. 
Another member of the confederation is the Klickitat. The Klickitat Tribe is also known as Klikitat. It is a Native American Tribe originating from the Pacific Northwest. The tribe is a neighboring tribe of the other Yakama on the east and of Salishan and Chinookan on the West. The tribe has been given several other names including that of the Klickitat County, Washington, Klickitat, Washington and the Klickitat River, which was in tribute to the Columbia River.  The tribe is well known for being active as entrepreneurs and traders.
The Chinook, is also another tribe which is part of the confederation as well as Tilamook which has several business enterprises in their name and finally, the French-Canadian which is also known as the Iroquoian. Together, these tribes help in boosting the economy. The confederation collectively owns the Spirit Mountain Casino located in Grand Ronde as well as several other business enterprises. Their reservation area is 11,040 acres.

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