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Cultural History

The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians are known to be natural linguistics. Composed of 27 bands, the tribe is a federally acknowledged Native American Tribe. They originated from North California up to South Washington. They made history as the first tribe to gain re-recognition in Oregon. Their ancestors proved to have spoken ten different languages thus; their own dialect was a combination of these ten. The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians also found a mixture of culture when they interacted with several other tribes. The tribe has moved from region to region in search of resources. Many of them settled in the valleys while others continued to roam around in search for shelter. Their food preferences were somehow different from the others. The tribe fed on sea lion, whale, shellfish, salmon and other waterfowls. Generally, they were coastal people until some of them decided to head on to the mountain slopes and valleys.
Through the years the tribe learned to create their own communities called villages. Their villages carried an autonomous form of government. Some historical data suggest that the villages each had their leaders. Their leaders were the headmen who were in charge of the planning, organizing and mediating issues in within the community. 
The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians has several tribes incorporated within the tribe. Some historians say that the way to determine whether one tribe is part of the other is by using the general terms. As for this tribe, the general terms that trace the ancestry are the “Tillamook Tribe” instead of being called the “Salmon River, Siletz, Nestucca or the Nehalem Band of the Tillamook Tribe” or one can also use the “Kalapuya Tribe” instead of the “Yamhill, Yoncalla or the Luckimute Band of the Kalapuya Tribe”. Nevertheless, the tribes that are considered part of them are the Clatsop, Chinook, Klicktat, Molala, Kalapuya, the Tillamook, The Alsea, Siuslaw also known as the Lower Umpqua, the Coos, Coquelle, Upper Umpqua, Tututni which includes the lower Rogue River Bands up to the Floras Creek and the Whales Head, the Chetco, Tolowa, Takelma with the Illionois Valley as well as the middle Rogue River and the Cow Creek People, the Galice or Applegate and lastly, the Shasta.
The reservation was created through the Coast Treaty. The Coast Treaty allocated an 800,000 acre reservation instead of the request of 1,100,000 acres. When the request was granted, the Coast Reservation was declared in 1855 from the Executive Order signed by President Franklin Pierce. The place was the first reservation area of the Indians.
Nowadays, the tribe operates the Siletz Tribal Business Corporation, the Chinook Winds Casino and the Hee Hee Illahee Resort. Their current reservation area lies in the 3,666 acres of land in Lincoln County.

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