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The Confederated Tribe of Warm Springs is another federally recognized Native American tribe. The tribe is the primary settlers in the Warm Springs Indian Reservaiton. Likewise, they are also the people in charge of the reservation's governance. The Confederation of the Warm Springs is actually composed of three tribes originating from the Pacific Northwest. These three tribes are the Sahaptin-speaking Warm Springs Indians who are similarly prearranged into four bands namely the Upper and the Lower Deschutes who are also known as the Tygh and the Wyam, the Tenino and the John Day Dock-spus. Aside from the Warm Springs, there are still two other bands such as the Two Bands of the Wasco Indians who can speak the dialect known as the Upper Chinook. The Wasco Indians are also known as Dalles or the Ki-gal-twa-la and that of the Dog River. Lastly, the other tribe that completes the Confederated tribe of Warm Springs is the Northerin Paiutes who speaks the Shoshonian and has a different lifestyle from that of the Warm Springs and the Wasco bands.
Together, these three tribes make up the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. The reservation area allotted for the tribal use encompasses not less than 2,640.194 kilometers squared. The tribal reservation area is situated on the north central portion of Oregon in the United States.
The Wasco, Warm Springs and the Paiute Tribes have long been collectively known as the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. These three tribes do not necessarily share the same culture or religion except for the land. The tribal reservation land was established upon the signing of the Treaty of 1855 which defined the borders of the tribal reservation area. The Warm Springs and the Wasco bands then had to give up their ownership claims to their ancestral lands of which they have settled in for thousands of years. The exchange of the giving up of the ancestral lands were the basic health care, education and some other services that could help the tribal members become people in the society. Some of the other provisions of the tribal treaty were that the tribes were to retain their hunting grounds and the fishing rights. These are rights which ought to be granted to the tribe because these are not special rights rather; these are basic rights of every American tribe. The Wasco and the Warm Springs tribe have developed an amicable relationship with each other until another tribe was moved to the reservation. The other tribe was the Paiutes who formerly had a conflict with the Columbia River tribes.
Today, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs are some of the richest tribes in terms of enterprises. The tribes own the Kah-Nee-Ta Vacation Resort, the Kah-Nee-Ta High Desert Resort and Casino, the Warm Springs Power and Water Enterprises, the Museum at Warm Springs, the Warm Springs Forest Products, the Plaza at Warm Springs and many others.

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