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Cultural History

The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians' history dates back to thousands of years ago. The Cow Creek Band was believed to have occupied their ancestral lands for not only hundreds but thousands of years ago. The tribe has long settled in the area prior to the arrival of the White settlers. The inward migration of the non-Indians into the tribal lands brought about animosity between the tribe and the White invaders. There was a conflict that spurred out of the two cultures with two distinct civilizations and attitudes and goals.
The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians is known to be peace-loving people. The tribe bravely faced the arrival of the White settlers who brought along with them the destruction of the tribal way of living. The aftermath of the tribal conflict with the White was not clearly obvious, as it continued to hunt the tribal members for hundreds of years. Migrates to the tribal land wanted to gain full control over the land leaving the tribal rights behind.
In the year 1853, the tribe started seeking for peaceful solutions to the conflicts. However, it was rather vague upon the newly discovered gold in the territory of the tribe. The Cow Creek Band then entered a treaty with the United States federal government that resulted in the cession of the tribal lands in exchange for $12,000. Similarly, the government sold the land property at $1.25 per acre. Soon enough, after the cession of the tribal lands, the Cow Creek Band then reached the Rogue Indian wars. The war was the response to the fight for the new treaty. The survivors of the dispute were held captives and were forcefully asked to march to one hundred fifty miles to the Grand Ronde Reservation.
In the year 1954, the government declared the termination of the tribe. Years later, in the year 1980, the Cow Creek Umpqua Indians were granted the right to file a case over the lands that were taken to them by the Treaty of the year 1853. The tribal status of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians was fully restored in the year 1982. It was also then that the tribe started engaging in the formal relations with the United States government so as to discuss the possible projects to help the tribal people. The tribe won over the fight for the lands that were taken away from them, thus they received $1.3 million. This money was supposed to be distributed to the tribal members but through some serious discussions, it was agreed that the money will be used instead for tribal enterprises that could aid the living of the members. The tribal enterprises proved to be a worthwhile investment that up to now, the tribe has a stable source of income.

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