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Cultural History

The Osage Nation is a federally recognized Native American tribe. The tribe's culture dates back to the time of the earlier days of the earth. There are not so much writings that pertain to the tribe until some historical records dating back to the sixteenth century. It was during this century that the explorers started scribing their travels and expeditions. The traders and the explorers are likewise the ones who have woven the history of these people. The traders and the travelers began documenting their contacts with the tribal people that they have encountered during their travels. The tribes were mostly those coming from the Midwestern portion of the world now known as the Untied States. These Osage people were one of the first few people whom the travelers encountered along the way. These people were considered to be Siouan people, who were naturally semi-nomadic. The contacts with the said tribe occurred in places such as the areas throughout the whole of Missouri and Arkansas. The tribe is a nation of people who are familiar with the culture of the Northern Plains tribes. 
The nations who were settled on the eastern sides of the Mississippi traveled along with the others in the Trail of Tears. The Osage were one of those nations. The tribe had to be removed from their ancestral lands and settled in the areas in Kansas instead. The tribal negotiations for the Treaty of 1865 were about the tribal plans of purchasing a land in Oklahoma. However, upon the purchase of the land, the tribal population was then diminished to ninety five percent. From the original number of tens of thousands, only three thousand Osage people were able to finish the trek and reach the Kansas boarder onto their new settlement.
The Osage Nation of today is no different from how they were before except that the tribe has now settled in villages and reservation areas. The tribe has carried out the teachings of their elders into their present lives. The traditions and the culture of the earlier times were likewise preserved and boost. The modern day Osage Nation is more educated, diverse and is always proud of the tribal ancestry. The tribe has several feasts, dance moments and ceremonies which roots back to their early times. The tribal government is headed by the Principal Council Chief who is primarily in charge of taking care of the tribal issues and relations. The tribal government is divided into three major branches namely the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.
The tribe is engaged in the gaming enterprises. Among their businesses is the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino which is considered one of the finest casinos owned by an Indian Tribe.

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