Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma

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Cultural History

The end of a long fight happened on March 17, 1842 when the Wyandotte ceded all land in Ohio. This was not a fight that shed blood but a fight with the use of lawyers. For many years, this tribe had been fighting within the court system ad debating on Congress. They said that their land had been encroached, their animals had also been stolen and the opposed leaders for removal had been mysteriously killed. They just depend on the law system for rights and protection of their tribe because they simply cannot do anything about it. They do not want to shed blood in order to solve this problem. 

They were civilized by 1842 but there are still some who uses the traditional way of living. They protect their own culture and tradition even if there are lots of people and community who could barely influence them. They just needed to move west so that they would not be gone. This meant another transfer.

The allies of this tribe made a trip along the Mississippi River. They are the Shawnee, Ottawa, Miami, Delaware and Seneca. Wyandotte Tribe has o join them in some days to come. It is very difficult to start their life all over again but they know they can survive because ever since, they started with nothing. 

The Tionontati Nation (Petun or Tobacco Nation) and Attignawantan Nation's remnants went west so that they can find protection from the abuse of the Iroquois Confederacy. Wyandotte is how the people are called. 

The Iroquoian Languages have definite similarities and before, not really log ago, you ca see lots of people who can speak 3 to 4 language fluently because of the similarity. One example of this is the little trouble of Mohawk speakers in understanding Oneida-speaking people because there are some similarities in their language. Mohawk and Oneida were also called as dialects of the same languages even if they are not. This is also true for Mingo, Cayuga, Wyandot and Seneca speaking people. The difference is only with the pronunciation and that is among the northern Iroquoian languages except Cherokee of course. There is less difference when it comes to their vocabulary and structure of their sentences. They do not have to spend much effort in acquiring the knowledge of other people. Cherokee, however, has lots of difference compared to the other language that set it apart from the others. If they will be inspecting it, the similarities of the languages cannot be very well seen.

Going back to the Wyandotte tribe, they made their official website in 2002 (wyandotte-nation.org) that has been introduced at the Annual Meeting. A marker was also placed on Mary McKee's Grave in Wyandotte, Oklahoma in 2003. By 2004, the first cultural week was held together with four nations and the corners of the USA and Canada. They still exist today and are still working on the building of their future by economic development and through cooperation of the people.

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