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The Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development is a traditional tribe whose name is often given many different deviations due to its hard pronunciation. Most English Seakers find it hard to pronounce the tribe’s name, Thlopthlocco. There are instances when the tribe's name is changed for the easier pronunciation. Sometimes, the sund of the thl is changed to R such as Muskogee. The Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development is actually one of the hearts of the Mvskoko-Speaking towns who were original members of the Creek Confederacy settled in Georgia and in Alabama. It was sometime in the year 1832 when the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development decided to depart from a huge tribal town whose name is variously represented as that of the Hoithle Waule, Clewalla, and the Thlewarthle. The Thlopthlocco Tribal Town was then taken off the Indian Territory along with the other Mvskoke Creeks in the year 1835. The tribe, upon their removal, then decided to settle in an area which was located eight miles in the southern portion of Okemah, along the Okfuskee and the Hughes counties. It was upon the approval of the Dawes Act of 1887 when the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development lost most of their ancestral tribal territories just like their fellow Creek members. The Dawes Act of 1887 may have ceded a large portion of the tribal lands, but it has also served as a link to the allotment of smaller lands to each tribal family. 

The Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development was then presented an offer to have its own federal charter which was separate and distinct from the charter of the Creek Nation. This offer was made in the year 1936. Thwe general principle involved in the offering of the charter was to separate the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development from the Creek Nation. Upon the separation of the Thlopthlocco from the Creek Nation, the town actually took the advantage of the credit which was then available through the Thomas-Rogers Act. The Thomas Rogers Act was also known as the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act. The said act was approved and passed on by the United States Congress in the same year. The approval of the Act was made two years after the Indian Reorganization Act of the year 1934. Upon the approval of the said legislation, the town was gained the special attention along with the other Indian tribes in Oklahoma from the Indian Reorganization Act.

It was during those times when the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Development people were described by many as hardworking and business-oriented. As early as the 1930’s, the tribal members have been known to have established small yet earning business entities. The tribal members were likewise known as always anxious to start business enterprises for the economic development. In the year 2002, the description for the tribe was integrated upon the statement of one of their tribal leaders who was quoted saying, "Capitalism can serve the interests of American Indians." The business venture sof the tribal community have gained societal rankings and today, they actually opened a new cabinet shop which was located in its headquarters. Their headquarters is near Okemah. Aside from this, there are also plans of developing another twenty five hundred acres of trust land which is held by the town. The latest date regarding the membership of the tribe is at six hundred fifty.

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