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Cultural History

The Delaware Nation originally came from the Cape Henlopen. It was in the year 1600 when the tribe settled in this area for thousands of years long before they were even discovered. The tribe is then, not considered to be migratory due to their existence in their present area long before they were intruded by the European invaders. The following three centuries then was the drastic moment for the tribe as they were forced to migrate because of the White Invasion. They had to move from place to place in order for them to find the perfect place that suited their needs. The tribe had to move at more than twenty times before landing in a place where nobody disturbed them. In the nineteenth century, the tribe was found in their early dwellings in Delaware, New Jersey, in New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Ontario, Indiana, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas and finally, Oklahoma. There was also a government plot which aimed to move some of the members of Delaware to Minnesota. However, this plan was never carried out due to the lack of implementation provisions.
The Delaware Nation is obviously not a Native American name. It was Captain Samuel Argall who discovered the large bay. He then named his discovery in honor of Sir Thomas West. He also served as the first ever governor of the State of Virginia. The bay was then named as Third Lord de la Warr. Despite the arguments, the bay's name stuck with it and it soon became famous because of its unique name. The Delaware people soon found themselves used to the name that they have also given it their own version. They translated the name into their language which literally meant "Original people" or "true men". The tribe also had their Swedish form which was Renape. The Lenape was said to be the grandfathers, a term which stemmed from the belief that the Lenapi was the ancestor of the Algonquin-speaking people. The Delaware Nation had also collected other names like the Akotcakanea, Anakwanoki, Delua, Loup, Mattawa, Narwahro and the Tcakanea. The tribe has three languages namely the Munsee, Unami and the Unalactigo. The Munsee dialect is said to be more different from the other two and is somehow closely related to another language known as Mahican.
In the sixteenth century, the Delaware tribe had a number of 20,000. Because of several wars and at least fourteen epidemics, the population diminished into only four thousand in the seventeenth century. The worst drops in the population happened in the years 1655 and 1670. By the year 1845, there were only 2,000 members. This number is the same number it has carried out today. The tribe is busy with their business ventures which involve gaming and non-gaming enterprises.

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