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Cultural History

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation of today is the group of the descendants of the Potawatomi. The tribe is one of the other Algonquian-speaking people. These Algonquian-speaking people were the first to occupy the Great Lakes region. Their occupation of the land took place in the eighteenth century. Their traditions reveal that their group was once part of the tribes who traveled from the eastern shores of North America through the Atlantic Ocean.

This group was comprised of the Chippewa or Ojibwa, the Ottawa or Odawa, the Potawatomi. They used to form an elite circle of group which was considered a single tribe until they decided to separate. Their separation took place in the Goergian Bay, in Ontario Canada. The historical facts disclose that the Citizen Potawatomi Nation are settlers of Michigan and have built their own tribal community five hundred years ago. The tribal community was autonomous, and no other tribe was allowed to meddle in their affairs.

The researchers argue of the real origin of the name, Potawatomi. Nonetheless, the tribe believes that they are closely related to the Chippewa and that their name was applied by the Chippwas. The meaning of their name in the English language is “People of the Place of Fire”. Nowadays, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation likes to call themselves as the Nishnabec also known as the “True People”.

It was during the middle if the sixteenth century when the French traders had their first contact with the tribe. They were found cultivating the land for corn, wild rice and were harvesting a good number of fish and other waterfowl from the nearby waters. The tribe was blessed to have been ideally located near the Lake Michigan Lake in Wisconsin.  The tribe lately moved to the southern Michigan after the outbreak of the Beaver Wars during the sixteenth century. Jean Nicolet, in Red Bank made the first real encounter with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

It was during the immense success of the Fur Trade when the Whites really noticed the abundance of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation life. During the century, the tribe was in full control of the lands in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana as well as a small portion of Ohio. It was then their land area was at its biggest, covering almost five million acres. The tribe encountered animosity against the Ottawa who were sharing with them the roles of being middlemen in the fur trade. It was what urged the tribe to hire their own people and thanks to their entrepreneurial skills, they were able to sustain their social status as one of the most successful tribes. The employment of other tribesmen allowed the Citizen Potawatomi Nation to gather vast control over the trading industry.

These days, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation is still one of the sought-after tribes because of their wealth and business expertise. Their enterprises include the Fire Lake Casino. The Fire Lake Grand Travel Plaza, the Fire Lake Casino, Fire Lake Gifts, Fire Lake Golf Course, Discount Foods, National Bank, Mini Putt and Grill.

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