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Cultural History

The Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma are two distinct tribes who both have different cultures and traditions from each other. The Cheyenne Tribe of Oklahoma was first believed to have settled underground. The tribe has maintained their settlement until they were led to the surface by the other people who discovered the tribe's hidden dwellings. The tribe is, according to some historians, have come from the Northern portion of the Missouri River. The tribe was also said to have occupied a region that was first populated by the Algonquon Speaking people. The tribe's migration was said to have started from the shores of the great Lakes region up to the upper portion of the MIssissipi River area. The tribe's historical record has also revealed that the tribe has a map which was attributed to Joliet. The map was discovered in 1673 and since then has been an important artifact in the history of these people. In February of the year 1680, there was also a recorded visit of group of Indians who called themselves as "Chaa" or Cheyenne to LaSalle. It was also said in the records that the Cheyenne people visited him while he was working on the Fort Crevecoeur in Illinois. The Cheyenne Tribe was believed to have started their migration to the Sheyenne River located in the Eastern portion of North Dakota during the seventeenth century. The migration of the tribe was said to have been caused by the pressure coming from the neighboring and dominating tribes of Sioux or the Assiniboin. The Cheyenne people spent almost half a century in the Sheyenne. In historical records, there were seventy lodges which were situated on the southern bank of one of the old channels in the river which was twelve miles on the south of Lisbon.

The Arapaho Nation, on the other hand, are said to have inhabited the Atlantic coast and the Great Lakes long before their migration to the west onto the Northern Plains in the western portion of Missouri River which happened before the beginning of the eighteenth century. It was in the year 1730 when the Arapaho people were said to have used dogs as transportation means. The tribe also showed records of buffalo use which were hunted by foot. The primary transportation means of this tribe was said to be the travois which is a platform dragged by the dogs or sometimes, the buffalo. It was then in August of the year 1861 when the tribe signed treaties with the United States government.

Today, these two tribes are living peacefully together. Despite differences, they still share the same land and are both into business enterprises. These two tribes are collectively known as the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma. They own the Lucky Star Casino and the Feather Warrior Casino among the other enterprises.

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