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Cultural History

The history of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is said to have started centuries ago. It was when a group of people settled in the wilderness in search of food and shelter. These settlers were from the pilgrims who came from the Northern England and the word famous Plymouth Rock. However, with the place that they found, they only had water to get their main resources. Then the tribe had to face the adversities when the American invaders started getting track of their properties. They were the 60,000 Indians who were detached from the Mississippi River and Alabama. They found their new homeland in what is now known as the state of Oklahoma. Aside from them, the Cherokee, the Creek, the Chickasaw and the Seminole Indians also faced the same predicament. Good thing, the tribes have fully understood the art of communicating with the whites. Together, they were collectively known as the "Five Civilized Tribes". 

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is the peace-loving and simple. They depended on agriculture for their living. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is also known to be fun-loving and most of the time enjoyed playing games most especially the stick-ball. They were also fond of attending parties and other social events. They are sociable, kind and pragmatic.

The tribe was under the governance of the Spanish, the Americans, the English and the French for three centuries. But in the early seventeenth century, the missionaries started and it was then the time when the Indians realized that they should stand up for their rights. The Catholic Missionaries did not succeed. The Protestants tried to lure them and the Indians agreed because of their special interest economically.

The eighteenth century spelled success for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. During this time, many of them became filthy rich. Many of the tribesmen owned cattle ranches and even slaves. They also made use of cotton and learned to make a clothing industry out of it by turning it into clothes. However, the tribe had to face confusion when they were made to act on treaty after treaty. The treaties promised them of their own land with assistance from the government. One of the well known treaties that affected them was the Treaty of the Dancing Rabbit. 

Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, the schools that were founded in the Choctaw Nation were forced to close as the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma found themselves in another war. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma was in the side of the Confederacy. The schools reopened in the late eighteenth century and there was an increase in the enrollment of students that reached up to 1,764. The first teachers in the schools were not really capable of teaching but because of the perseverance of the students themselves, the schools became a success.

Today, the tribe is engaged in several enterprises including the Choctaw Store, Texoma Print Services, Choctaw Bookstore, the Choctaw Management Services enterprises, the Choctaw Manufacturing and Development Corporation and the Choctaw Casinos.

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