Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma

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Cultural History

The Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma is composed of four tribes, the Kaskaskia, the Peoria, the Piankesaw and the Wea Indians. These four tribes were united into one single tribe in the year 1854. These four tirbes were then collectively known as the Confederated Peorias. They all originated from the lands which used to border the Great Lakes region and drained by the Mississippi. Most of them are the Illinois of the Illini Indians, and they are the descendants of those people who were the creators of the great mound civilizations in the central region of the United States two thousand to about three thousand years ago.

The tribe was forcefully pulled out from their ancestral lands in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio. The Peorias were first resettled in Missouri, followed by a relocation in Kansas and finally, in the northeastern region of Oklahoma. Their tribal headquarters today is located in Miami, in the Ottawa County in Oklahoma.

They are a federally acknowledged sovereign Indian tribe. The tribe was recognized and created under the constitution and the by-laws as approved by the Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior on the 13th of August in 1997. The Peoria Tribal Business Committee was given the authority over the research and pursuance of the economic and the business development opportunities for the welfare of the tribe. The creation of the Tribal Business Committee is in accordance with the Article VIII in Section 1 of the Peoria Constitution.

It was in the years 1840 to 1850 when the Peoria were under pressure from the White settlers who were after their lands. The Peoria, Kaskaskia, Piankashaw and the Wea Tribes cooperated to protect their tribal territories. The union of the tribe was formally recognized by the United States government and since then, they became known as the Confederated Peoria. The tribal lands were protected, and each of the tribal members received land allocations of not less than 160 acres while the remaining lands in excess were sold to the settlers so that the tribe will have sufficient funds.

The Civil War brought tragedy to the lives of the people of Kansas, most especially the Native Americans. The members of the Confederation were soon removed to the Indian Territory. The removal of the Indians was in accordance with the provisions of the Omnibus Treaty of February 23, 1867, 15 Stat. 513. While many of the members chose to be removed to the Indian Territory, still many others chose to stay and some became citizens of the United States.
Today, the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma is into business enterprises, like the Peoria Ridge Golf Course and the Buffalo Run Casino. The tribe also has its school as well as their own cemetery. They are into moving towards progression and with the rate of their economy; it seems likely that they will succeed.

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