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Cultural History

The Muscogee Creek Nation is composed of the descendants of a culture that has been around since the time prior to the 1500AD. These people are the offspring of the Muscogee people who constructed the earthen pyramids found along the banks of the tribal territory. The region is a portion of the vast number of the tribal territory which involves rivers, plains and valleys. The tribal land where they are currently settled in has the landmarks of the colorful history that they have gone through. There are ceremonial complexes which can be found all over the region as proof that the Muscogee are spiritual people. After some time, the historic Muscogee later on built some of the other expansive towns which are located within the same region. The places in which the buildings were built somewhat occupied the broad river valleys located in the States of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and that of the South Carolina.

The Muscogee tribe is not considered one. Instead, the tribe is composed of several other nations who are involved in a tribal confederacy which was created during the Euro-American period also known as the "historic period". It was during that time when the tribe was under the most sophisticated political organization based on the north of Mexico. It was also during that time when the members of the tribal confederacy were called as the tribal towns. The confederacy served as a political structure with each tribal town having their autonomic control over themselves. The confederacy, however, was so dynamic in its ability to expand. There have been new tribal towns which have been built as a result of the "Mother Towns" thus increasing the tribal population. Upon the increase of the population, so was the expansion of the tribal confederacy. There have been many tribes who joined as well as some who incorporated with the others. The language and culture of the tribal towns were dominant within the confederacy thus keeping the traditions alive. It was during this time that the Muscogee population was spread out into two major geographical locations namely the Upper and Lower Creeks.

The tribal people were steadily growing in number and so was their economy. However, it was during the start of the nineteenth century when they were being driven away by the United Sates government. The government wanted them to leave the banks of the Mississippi River and so this became a reality in the signing of the Treaty of 1832 which led to the exchange of the homelands of the tribe for the new lands locate din the Indian Territory.

The Muscogee Creek Nation & Checotah Indian Community of today is in the process of the economic development. The tribe's business ventures include those of the trade and commerce, agricultural industry and gaming enterprises. Of these, the gaming enterprises bring about much of the revenues generated each year to be used as the finances for the other tribal projects.

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