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Cultural History

The Chickasaw Nation describes their history as "Unconquered and Unconquerable". They have experienced the ups and downs like every other tribe but they remained strong to their heritage. They have traveled far from the Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee. Today, the Chickasaw Nation has finally found their homeland in the newly purchased south Central Oklahoma residency.

They were regarded in the past as the Spartans of the Lower Mississippi Valley due to their unwavering valor. They had their first encounter with the non-natives in 1540 when Hernando de Soto arrived in their area. Even before, the Chickasaw Nation had been living gracefully and they have developed a systematic way of living. Their own ruling system was complete with laws and ordinances for the whole tribe to follow. During that time, the Chickasaw Nation also had their religion. This only proves that they are an independent body of nation.  The tribe since then has been conducting successful trading with the other nations. They traded with the French and the English. Their lifestyle mostly depended on their agricultural sector, which was their main producer for revenues. Despite thriving on the agrarian lifestyle, the tribe was always ready to go on battles when needed. In fact, they have made an alliance with the English when the Frecnh and Indian war broke. Still, many researches believe that the United States became an English-speaking country because of the Chickasaw Nation.

It was during the “Great Removal” when the tribe, along with the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole moved to their Indian Territory. They traveled on the so-called “Trail of Tears”. These tribes including the Chickasaw Nation were then labeled as the Five Civilized Tribes because of the culture that they have built and their own forms of laws and regulations. These five tribes were said to have highly developed ruling systems that added to their success. The Treaty of Doaksville was the one that urged the resettlement to the Indian Territory but because of their desire to build an empire of their own, the parted from the Choctaws in 1856.

After their separation from the Choctaws, their Tribal Leaders established their capital at the Tishopmingo where they also adopted their own constitution and organized their government departments. Due to the Civil War, the Chickasaw Nation joined the war to fight the Washita troops. After the war, several Chickasaws became successful in the agrarian field. It was also after this that they have started rebuilding their own community complete with schools banks and several business ventures. They adopted their new constitution in 1983.

Today, the tribe thrives on their rich economy powered by their business ventures including casinos. They are the operators of the Chickasaw Nation Industries whose businesses range from Aviation, Administration Services, Construction, Information Technology, Medical Services, Manufacturing, Logistics and Advisory Services.

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