Oneida Nation of New York

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Cultural History

The Oneida Nation of New York's history is both rich and lengthy. There have been several people involved who have made the tribe's history memorial. The tribe also carries with them their own creation story which has been handed down from generation to generation. According to the story, the earth was once deep beneath the water. There were neither stars nor sun. The only animals who were living in the world during that time were the beavers, the muskrat, the ducks and the loons. It was above the water covered earth where the Land of the Happy Spirits was settled. The center of the realm was a huge apple tree. The Happy Spirits has lived peacefully until the time when the Evil Spirits sent their wicked servants to adorn the people with bad attitudes. Thus, the people nowadays still have bad behavior despite the goodness of the heart that they once possessed.
The tribe's story has been dramatic and enjoyable. The Oneidas were part of the War of 1812. The tribe is a member of a sovereign nation who did not feel the force and pressure to serve the army of the other neighboring nations who were engaged in the war. However, being voluntary people, they decided to help out and fight for the sake of the American government.
There were more than one hundred tribal people who joined the American forces in their fight against the British during the British-American struggle. The War of 1812 was one of the most dramatic battles ever fought by the tribal men. The tribe engaged in several battles and was the ones assigned on the Northern New York Frontier which were just around the Sackets harbor, New York and in the major United States naval base located on the Lake Ontario, the Oneidas fought near the Buffalo area.
In the year 1857, the New York State agreed to the law that compensated the unpaid claims for those who fought with the government on the War of 1812. The Oneidas filed their request to be granted their rights. They tried to recover the costs of the transportation and equipments used during the warfare.
The Oneidas were known to be one of those who fought well for the side of the American in the War of 1812. They have undeniably contributed to the victories of the Americans which led to the complete claim over the areas around the Lake Ontario. Despite their undeniable help to the Americans, the tribe did not gain anything from the war. Instead, they were even brought to the burdens of hosting their younger siblings who were the Tuscaroras. The Tuscaroras had their lands burned off because of the war. Soon enough, more hardships followed. 
Today, the tribe has well recovered from the hardships. The tribe is the operator of gaming enterprises, as well as golf courses like the Turning Stone Resort. The Turning Stone Resort is the host of a major golfing tournament of which the golf aficionados will surely enjoy.

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