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Cultural History

The Northern Cheyenne engaged in an exodus after the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The aftermath of the Battle of the Little Bighorn was the never ending and intensified tries of the United States Army to imprison the Cheyenne. In the year 1877, there was a group of Cheyenne who were gathered and escorted to the Indian Territory. The group had a number of not less than nine hundred seventy two. The government then tried their best to try to reunite the Northern and the Southern Cheyenne who were once in dispute against each other. The provisions, however, did not favor the Northern Cheyenne. First, the tribe was not used to the climate in the new location. Second, the reservation that was newly established reservation was infected with malaria. The food available around the area were also insufficient and of poor quality. The tribal leader then argued over the government so that they would be allowed to go back to their original settlement. 
Later the same year, some three hundred fifty three left the given Indian Territory and traveled back to the north, where they were used to living. The group was led by their leaders, Little Wolf and Morning Star. Because of this move, there were over thirteen thousand Army soldiers who sought to pursue the Cheyenne. After the tribe has passed the Nebraska, they decided to split into two groups. The first group was led by Little Wolf while the other one was led by Morning Star. It was, however, Little Wolf and his band that was successful in returning to Montana as Morning Star and his group were then caught by the government and likewise escorted back to the Fort Robinson in Nebraska. It was there where Morning Star along with his group was finally sequestered. Their band was also commanded to return to Oklahoma but because of their desire to live their own, they refused to. In the year 1878, the Cheyenne were then confined in the barracks without food and no food resources, water nor even heat. In an attempt to escape, many of the tribal men ran away on the night of the 9th of January in the year 1879. However, most of them were likewise killed because of their attempt. While some of them did not die, they did not surrender. Rather, they chose to fight over the soldiers due to their insistence to be freed and not to be under the custody of the army. Of the breakout from the "prison", only fifty survived including their leader, Morning Star. The members who have been killed in the drastic escape were repatriated in the year 1994. 

The tribe today is busy with their business ventures. They are into education, arts and even gaming enterprises.

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