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Cultural History

The Chippewa Cree Tribe is a group of Native Americans who are the descendants of the Cree that came from Canada as well as that of the Chippewa who came from the Turtle Mountains in North Dakota. They are a mixed group, having several cultural groups namely the Plains, Woodland, the Swampy and the Moose. The Chippewa Cree Tribe also has several Cree Bands namely the Calling River People, Rabbit Skin People, Cree-Assiniboine, Touchwood Hills People, House People, Parklands People, Upstream People and the Downstream People. 

The Chippewa Cree Tribe Bands were unfastened. Their political schemes were likewise. The families are free to leave their areas if they are not satisfied with the ruling of their leaders. The families are also very much attached to the political chiefs because of the importance in the society. Their government was monarchial and when their chief dies, the throne is then passed on to his eldest son.

Their council is called upon when special events occur. Most of the time, it is the “crier’s” responsibility to call upon the attention of the chief. He is the one in charge of summoning the leaders in the chief’s house to discuss the tribal issues. In each of their meetings, the speaking of the leaders is based on their age and prestige. It is often the case that the youngest leader is the first one to speak and the last one is the leader with the highest prestige. 

This tribe is also believed to have the bravest warriors the world has seen. Their warriors fought an own battles for the whole tribe. Their warriors are often labeled as the “Okihtcitawak” or the Worthy Young Men. The young men from the tribe become members of the Warrior Organization upon reaching the proper age and upon the invitation of the leaders to sit in the Warrior’s lodge. Their responsibility was to act as the policemen who will take care of the society. The Warrior Group has its own War Chief who is the one responsible of directing the warriors to victory in times of battle.

The family ties of the Chippewa Cree Tribe are very much close knit that when one of the family members is engaged in war against somebody, his whole family will run after the other. It is also often that families seek vengeance in form of murder. However, when the hostilities reach killings, the Warrior Society is asked to act as negotiators.

The tribe agreed to settle in the land dedicated to them in the Rocky Boys Indian Reservation. This reservation was recognized during the nineteenth century and is situated in the south of Havre in the northern-central part of Montana. 

As of this day, the recorded number of tribe reached 4,700 members and out of those, 2,500 are presently residing in the reservation. The tribe owns and is the main operator of the Bear Paw Ski Bowl and the Stone Child College.

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