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Cultural History

The Crow Tribe of Indians is also known as the Apsaalooke Tribe of Indians. The said tribe currently has a membership of not less than eleven thousand. Out of this number, seven thousand nine hundred are currently residing in the Crow Indian Reservation. Over eighty five percent of the tribal members speak the Crow and consider this as their first language. Crow Tribe is originally called the Apsaalooke. Apsaalooke literally means "children of the large-beaked bird". The Whtie men were the first ones who misinterpreted the name into "Crow".  The tribe is famous for their strength and their very own Apsaalooke ammaalaatuua which is the Crow Writing System. The tribe is also known for their clan system. Their language, the Crow Indian Language is actually a part of the greater Siouan language family. There are currently six active tribes in the whole of the tribal nation. The six active tribes are the Ashshitchite also known as the Big Lodge, the Uuwatashe or the Greasy Mouth, the Xuhkaalaxche or the Ties Bundle Clan, the Biliikooshe or the Whistling Waters Clan, the Ashkapkawiia also known as he Bad War Deeds Clan and finally, the Aashkamne or the Piegan clan. This final clan is also known as the Aashbatshua or the Treacherous Clan.
The tribe's reservation is actually the largest of the seven Indian Reservations which are all located in the southern central portion of Montana and is bordered by Wyoming on the south as well as the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation on the eastern border. The reservation covers not less than 2.3 million acres. This number includes the northern end of the Basawaxaawuua or the Bighorn Mountains, the Cheetiish or the Wolf Mountains and finally, the Baahpuuo Isawaxaawuua or the Pryor Mountains. One of the major attractions in the reservation area is that of the Bighorn River which flows from the north of the Yellowtail Dam. There is also the city of Billings which is situated at an estimate of ten miles on the northern west part of the reservation's boundary.
The tribe is well known for their keen preservation of their culture, as well as for their crafts. The tribe has long been hunting, fishing and gathering berries since the arrival of the European settlers. In the nineteenth century, one of their chiefs named Apsaalooke Eelapuash was quoted saying, "The Crow Country is a good country. The Great Spirit has put it exactly in the right place, while you are in it you fare well, whenrver you go out of it; whichever way you travel you fare worse". This was stated in the year 1830. The reservation's climate ranges from humid to semi-arid; depending on the month. There is a record of twelve inches annual precipitation which starts to fall from the months of March through July.
The tribe has a population of not less than 11,357 enrolled members. The majority of the employment in the reservation is supported by their tribal government. They are primarily engaged in livestock raising, coal, oil and methane gas industries.

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