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The White Earth reservation is located in northwestern Minnesota and covers 1300 square miles of land which are not actually Indian-owned because it was forfeited in the early 20th Century. On March 19, 1867, a treaty was signed with Mississippi Band Chippewa to establish the reservation. The reservation area is supposed to be an internment camp wherein the Woodland Indians of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and some other people are to be placed.

Located in northwestern Minnesota, the White Earth reservation encompasses about 1300 square miles, but most of that land is no longer Indian-owned, due to allotment and tax forfeiture losses in the early 20th century. The reservation was established by a Treaty of March 19, 1867 with Mississippi Band Chippewa. It was going to be a sort of isolated internment camp to which all the Woodland Indians of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and probably elsewhere were to be sent. In 1899, the Nelson Act made it law that all Chippewa Indians in Minnesota had to move to White Earth. Many refused, or looked it over and went back home to Wisconsin (or to their homes, in Minnesota).

Of the total acres of the reservation, 10% of it is Indian-owned. Most of the land of their nation is owned by the white individuals and some enterprises.

Winona La Duke is the most popular tribal member because she had been candidate for vice president in the 1996 presidential election. She was popular because of her great leadership. 

Just recently, it was known that her father, Vincent LaDuke, was more popular than she had been. He claimed the name "Sun Bear" and made an outreach for non-Indian spiritual seekers as well as people with concern in their environment.  

Another popular man of White Earth is David Bradley who is a very great painter of this day. He has been the basis of other painter because he serves as an inspiration to them. As a tribal member, David Bradley got lots of awards. He had been the leading artist too because he got a New Mexico state law and passed it in order to protect the Indian artists from the deception of their works.

Kathleen Annette, on the one hand, is the first ever Minnesota Ojibwe woman who became a medical doctor. She is one of the prides of the White Earth Bands of Ojibwe Indians. The following are the list of some more Indian members who have achieved lots of awards. 

  • Olivia Poole - She invented the Baby Jumper and formed a company to market it.
  • Will Antell - He has been a director and officer of the National Indian Education Association. He held different high positions in the educational system of the government.
  • Dennis J. Banks - He is the founder and the leader of the American Indian Movement. He is presently living in Kentucky.
Because of these people, the racism vanished and received the economic independence they deserve. Now, they are doing different strategies to improve their way of life.

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