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Cultural History

Also known in their native language as Gnoozhekaaning, which means the Place of the Pike, this tribe, the Bay Mills Indian Community is an Indian reservation who comprises the land base of the Sault Ste. Marie band of Chippewa Indians. The Chippewa County is the largest sector of the whole reservation. This area is situated almost 15 miles or 25 kilometers in the west-southwest of the Sault Ste. Marie. This is in Bay Mills Township and the Superior Township.  Of the reservation, a smaller section is to be found in the southeastern part of Sault Ste. Marie in the Western Sugar Island.

The Bay Mills Indian Community became one of the four original reservations which were established in Michigan. This is because of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1943. The Bay Mills Indian Community was organized in 1937 upon purchase of their land and adoption of a constitution charter. ON the 27th of November, 1937, the Constitution Charter was formally accepted in accordance with the Indian Reorganization Act. The lands purchased, along with the original lands granted to them plus a small area in the Sugar Island are what makes up the current reservation today.

This area, however, is still under the United States Trust Status. The land is currently divided into two areas. The 2000 census data states that the majority of the land which is 3.761 square miles or 9.740 kilometers squared is to be found in the north western part of Brimley in Michigan, as well as in some of the eastern parts of Bay Mills Township and Superior Township. The remaining 1.032 square miles also equivalent to 2.3674 kilometers squared or 60.67 acres is situated in the Sugar Island which is in the St. Mary’s River. During that time, the total land area was 4.793 square miles or 12.416 kilometers squared. The population of the area is only up to 812. During the last few years, the tribe has won over several more lands to add up to their territory. Their land area increased to 3,494 acres or 5.46 square miles, 14.14 kilometers squared. The 3,109 acres or 4.86 square miles of land are in trust.

Today, there are said to be 1,309 registered members of the tribe. The General Council takes care of the governance. The five elected officials comprise the Executive Council who meets daily to discuss the tribal issues. The Five elected officials include a president, a vice-president, treasurer, a secretary and a councilman.

The Bay Mills Community College is one of the most prominent structures in the community. It is an accredited tribal college that caters to the student sin the community. The tribe is also the sole operator of the Bay Mills Resort and Casino, of which most of the revenues come from. 

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