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The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas is also known by its other name, Kiikaapoi. The tribe hails from the Algonquian language group who are known to be brethrens of the Pottawatomie, Menomonee, Sauk and Fox as well as the Shawnee among the others. Together with these other tribes, they share resemblance in history, culture and traditions. The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas is composed of about 1,600 enrolled members. This number does not include the bands settled in Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico. Throughout the years, their tribe has won over oppressions from the government and other intruders. Over the years, they have also kept a keen resistance to the assimilation and influences of the Europeans and other White invaders. Out of the one thousand six hundred tribal members enrolled, almost half of these numbers are still residing in the reservation which was granted to them in compliance with the Treaty of 1854. Their original land area may have diminished over the years, but it still continues to be considered their natural habitat. 
The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas is a part of the other Woodland Tribes from the Great Lakes Tribes. They are part of these tribes who used to settle in the western portion of the woodland areas in Southern Michigan which is near Lake Erie. The tribes were living peacefully in the area until the arrival of the European intruders who almost changed the lives of the Indians. It was upon their arrival that the Iroquios War broke I 1641 to 1701. The war was one of the main reasons why many Indian tribes decided to leave the Great lakes area and settle to other lands. The refugees from the war were forced to flee to neighboring Indian counties. The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas was one of the tribes who had to leave their homelands behind in exchange for survival. The tribe moved to Wisconsin, which, then was occupied largely by the Winnebago and the Menomonee Nations. Some of the other factors that led to the migration of the tribe were the almost never ending wars, trading conflicts and epidemics which the Europeans brought along with their intrusion of the tribe’s territory. In the early seventeenth century, the intruders seem to have had lost their strength for fighting that the lands feel to the hands of the original settlers once again. The Great Lake Tribes soon took over the place along with the Algonquian Nations. During this time, the tribes who have escaped the war were now finally able to come back to their original settlement. However, the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas did not return. The chose to migrate to Michigan where they found a land they could call their own. There were factors that affected the decision of the tribe, some of which are the Kickapoo-French relations, the Sioux incursions and the victory of tribes from the war against the Illini Confederacy also known as the Iroquois. 
The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas soon found it easy to adapt in the plains area and occupied the territory until the middle of the nineteenth century. The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas has resided in Illinois until the start of the Treaty Period of the United States. The treaties then eliminated the territories of the Kickapoos and turned them into homesteads, the homelands of the Kickapoos were shifted to Indiana, Missouri, Kansan, Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico. Today, they are currently engaged in enterprises such as ranching.

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