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The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska is presently settled in the area located along the banks of the Missouri River. The tribe is on a reservation area which is almost 2,100 acres wide. The tribal reservation is straddled on the borders of the northeast Kansas or the Brown County and that of the southeastern portion of Nebraska or the Richardson County. The 1995 statistics reveal that the tribe owns the 947.63 acres of land located in Kansas as well as that of the 181.01 acres of the tribal member allotments. It was the Bureau of Indian Affairs that indicated the other 1,618.7 acres of the Iowa tribal lands which were to be held under trust status in the year 1995. The tribal headquarters, on the other hand, is situated on the lands covered by the reservation on the Western portion of the White Cloud in Kansas. There is a recorded tribal enrollment of 2,147 in the year 1995.
The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska is a federally recognized tribe of the United States. The tribe has an organized system of government which was organized and chartered under the Indian Reorganization Act of the year 1934. The tribe's first ever constitution was ratified and fully approved together with its bylaws on the 6th of November in the year 1978. Upon the approval and the adoption of the tribal constitution, it was then fully put into use afterwards. The tribe has an Executive Committee which was created as the primary governing body of the tribe. The Executive Committee is composed of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and one other member who all have three years as the term of service. In the election in the year 1998, it was Louis Deroin who was declared as the tribal chairman.
The tribe has engaged in several treaties with the United States. The tribe was part of the Treaty of 1805, which was about the territories of the tribe, the Treaty of 1815, which was for the peace and friendship of the Iowa tribe and that of the United States government, the Treaty of 1824 which was about the first cession of the Ioway lands, the Treaty of 1825 where the government began its control over the Indians, the Treaty of 1830 dealing with the  hunting grounds of the tribe, the Treaty of 1836 also known as the Platte Purchase, the Treaty of 1837 for the cession of the lands, the Treaty of 1838 which dealt with the relinquishment of the tribal lands, the Treaty of  1854 which was the assignment of the tribal reservations and lastly, the Treaty of 1861 which reduced the tribal lands into its present size.
The tribal economy is flourishing in its own right. It relies mainly on the agricultural sector. The tribal agricultural enterprises include cattle ranching, grain processing and a grain elevator. Aside from these, the tribe also has gaming business ventures such as the Iowa Tribal Bingo and a tribal casino which started its operations in the year 1998. The tribe also owns and operates other tribal enterprises such as a gas station and a fire station.

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