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The Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa are a sect of the larger Sac and Fox tribe that had its origins in Mississippi. Currently, the tribe resides in Iowa and Meskwaki and prospers due to growth within their casino business.

Much like their brother tribe in Kansas, the Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa were forced out of their original homes by the government in the nineteenth century. The act of removing tribes from their homes and relocating them to a reservation far away was common during the early years of the United States, but that didnít make it any less painful for those affected. 

Perhaps the best indication of the reaction of the Indians to this forced removal was the great chief Black Hawk. When asked to move himself and his people to a far away land, he refused and chose instead to go to war. His acts are so remembered that the war he participated in would later be named after him. Unfortunately, his actions did not result in success, as he eventually suffered a life-ending wound and his tribe was forced to move into areas they were unfamiliar with. Even with this failure, however, Black Hawk is still remembered as one of the greatest Indians in the history of the Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa.

Back in the early parts of the nineteenth century, the United States government insisted that all members of the tribe, due to this war, move to Kansas. Some members refused and hid in Iowa. It wasnít until years later that this tribe was formally recognized and accepted by the national government, and by this time they were well-established within the Iowa community. 

Today, much of the past troubles have been resolved, but not forgotten by the tribe. The Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa boast a healthy casino that offers bingo, keno, poker, and other casino games. This highly profitable venture has allowed the tribe to live on their own terms, as a separate entity from the United States government. And the accompanying hotel that goes with their casino is large and luxurious, a source of further income.

The Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa have not had an easy history. There are not many Indian tribes that have. They have had to resist forces, both foreign and domestic, through much of their existence and had to fight for their right to be recognized as a separate and individual tribe. But the end result of all of their struggles has been a positive one, as they have found themselves in the exact situation they fought to achieve. Now, with a healthy business, the Sac & Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa are finally prospering.

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