Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

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Needles, CA 92363

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Cultural History

The Fort Mojave Tribe is a tribe whose members are the inhabitants of the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation. The tribal reservation is located along the banks of the Colorado River within the vicinity of the Needles, in California. The tribal reservation area covers not less than forty two thousand acres of tribal territory fully granted to the Fort Mojave Tribe. The land is in a tri-state area in Arizona, California and some portions located in Nevada. The tribal reservation area is actually divided into three sub divisions namely the 23, 669 acres of land located in the Mojave County in Arizona, another sub division is almost 12,663 acres and is adjacent to the area in Needles, California while there is another 5, 582 acres of tribal land property in the Clark County in Nevada. On the other hand, the tribal headquarters is in the Needles, in California.
The Fort Mojave tribe is situated on the Mojave portion of the basin and the range. The tribal land is deeply embedded in the alluvial valleys of the area and is interrupted by the low mountains also situated in the said area. There are also mountain ranges that characterize the section of the tribal territories. The reservation is located mostly along the flood plain of the Colorado River, which is an interesting piece of the piedmont edge to the river. Aside from mountain slopes and ranges, some other trees and lakes characterize the tribal lands. There are quite a good number of lakes and marches near the tribal reservations. The Topock Marsh is one of the most notable marshes near the tribal lands. On the other hand, the Colorado River serves as the lifeline of the tribal reservation. The Colorado River serves as the primary source of water used for irrigation and utilities. The river is likewise the major source of wildlife habitat and has influenced the lives of the Fort Mojave Tribe. Because of the plethora of the natural resources, the tribe has become known as good hunters and gatherers of berries. The tribe has also mastered the art of hunting. They are also well known fishermen and agriculturists.
The Fort Mojave Tribe of today has been a pioneer in technical advancements among the other Indian tribes. The tribe owns one of the most sophisticated tribal web sites. The tribe has several business ventures, most of which generate enough revenues to support the tribal projects dealing with the environment and the protection of the resources found in the tribal reservation. The tribe owns resorts and casinos, as well as a booming tourism industry. The tribe also has an RV Park, two convenience stores, smoke shops and a car wash among the others.

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