Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians

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Cultural History

The Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians is a federally recognized tribe of the United States of America. The tribe has since the ages before settled in the Tehama County. The tribe has been in the area for several centuries now that there are actually no records as to when they started inhabiting the area. The Tehama County is their present home, providing them with the needs that are essential to their living. The influx of the White settlers had once threatened the used to be simple and peaceful lifestyle of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians. The White Settlers then altered and recreated the traditional living of the tribe. The White settlers have likewise influenced the tribal ways of dealing with the environment but the good part is that they have maintained their aboriginal traditions alive as well as its strong ties with the region.
It was during the 1950's when the federal government of the United States then terminated the rights of the tribe by ceding the recognition granted to them before. Not only them, but hundreds of Indian tribes were likewise misguided to an attempt to force assimilation. Sadly, though, the Paskenta Band had to undergo this tragic event. The tribe was then relocated when in the year 1959 when their rancheria was sold to some private companies. This fate did not, however, stop the Paskenta Band from maintaining their heritage. Instead, the tribe continued to live their lives despite the denial of identity from the federal government. The tribe also focused on working hard to regain their tribal status. They worked hard for their recognition which was then fully granted back in the year 1994. Since then, the tribal status of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians has lived their lives back to how they used to be in the past. 
The tribe has also since then moved to develop a highly strategically plan to empower their economy. Even after all the years that have come, the tribe was able to focus on the economic development which was an essential tool in the lives of the tribal people. The tribe currently has two hundred forty enrolled members who are reaping the rewards of the hard work. It was in the year 2000 when the tribe was able to acquire a 2000-acre of reservation land area which was situated near Corning, California. Soon enough this land area was filled with the resources that the tribe needed to recover from the economic drought. It was not long when the tribe established the Rolling Hills Casino. Since then, the Rolling Hills Casino has become the major employer in the whole of the reservation. The revenues generated by the casino have helped many tribal members in order to be self supporting.

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